Hi all, Omri Gino is a DIY enthusiast that showed interest to use his Tannoy K3808 Dual Concentric driver with our/Eminence OB-A15Neo (or OB-A15SE) 15″ drivers. Omri is also our industrial designer so he open baffle, various designs, the crossovers debates, posts etc… !

We provided the 15″ Woofers and the Tower Frame HW Kit (see photos) and Omri built the baffles, the wooden legs and the crossovers.

Omri had a great Facebook adventure during the process and a successful build !

Quote from Omri mail: “The result is simply incredible! I’m almost ready to “close” this project :) and my new turntable is doing its share as well.”, end quote.

We also attach Omri’s final XO version…