It is our pleasure to share here a unique project by Leandro Luiz from Brazil feat. our 10″ PAP1075 OB woofers, the woofers we use in our Trio10 line, and Fostex FE83EN.

Leandro designed narrow (42cm only) but deep sounding speakers and they can be configured to play with passive crossovers.

These 10″ woofers were designed by Morel specifically for OB and for us; and though they are surprisingly powerful, deep and musical bass performers, they play sweet mids too !

Mundorf, with whom we recently designed our award winning Trio10 MundorfAMT model, took the PAP1075 drivers from the bottom up to their natural cutoff at 6.5khz !
Sensitivity of Leandro’s Set is ~88db.

You have here all the the pictures and drawings to be able to make yourself this straight forward sweet set, including the crossover design and our slightly ‘ironed’ OB enclosure plan.


For more pictures click Leandro Project Blog (Pictures)