Saturday Morning Bliss

Saturday morning with one Thelonious Monk LP and two Trio15 configurations, Voxativ AC-PiFe and TB W8-1808… Love them both !…
the VPI Prime and Exogal Comet kept playing during the swap… then two resistors ‘out’ and one resistor ‘in’ on the Leonidas XO, and music didn’t stop playing… 🙂

The record is: Alone in San Francisco, and this solo piano recording makes one realize what a genius and a unique creator Monk was… this music is essential !

Trio15 Voxativ PiFe is playing and the TB W8-1808 Baffles are ready

Voxativ PiFe Baffle is out

TB W8-1808 Baffle is assembled, resistors replaced, Trio15TB is playing