Rainer K., Karlsruhe, Germany

Rainer K. is an owner of the Trio15 Voxativ (AC-1.6), and once we published the call for Beta of our Quintet15 with Heil AMT1 drivers Rainer voted with a GO and purchased the items. Being an owner of the Trio15 Voxativ Rainer needed only the additional items (Frame, two woofers, the Heil AMT1 and once these were purchased, Rainer could also set up and enjoy the Quintet15 with his Voxativ AC-1.6 drivers.

  • email, June 1 2019

“Good morning Ze’ev,

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nice to hear from you and nice to hear that the “Heil AMT1 Beta Group” is going to be kicked off.
Concerning your questions about my system driving the Quintet15:
  • My passive XO system consists of
    • Vincent CD-S7 DAC (CD player), Pioneer BDP-LX 58 (Bluray and SACD player)
    • Aaron No.22 Cineast (pre amp)
    • 1 x Aaron No.33 Millennium (power amp)
    • Viablue NF-S1 (NF cables) and Viablue SC-4 (speaker cables)
  • My digital/active XO system consists of
    • Vincent CD-S7 DAC (CD player -> digital out), Pioneer BDP-LX 58 (Bluray and SACD player -> digital out, Samsung Galaxy S8 -> digital out)
    • miniDSP DDRC-24 (digital signal processor with Dirac Live room correction possibility)
    • 2 x Aaron No.33 Millennium (power amps for bi-amping)
    • Viablue H-Flex (Toslink digital cable), Viablue KR-2 Silver (USB digital cable), Viablue NF-S1 (NF cables) and Viablue SC-4 (speaker cables)
Concerning your questions about my audio and music DNA:
  • My preferred style of music is Jazz and Blues (from the late 50ies on), mainly high quality recordings and preferably smaller groups.
  • Moreover I like to listen to the music with which I was grown up, it means Pop and Rock from the 60ies on (from ABBA to Zappa), with preferences to music including synthesizers (Jean Michel Jarre, Mike Oldfield, Electric Light Orchestra, Alan Parsons Project, Supertramp, etc.). If possible in (remastered) high quality.
Photos of my system will be sent later on.
Have a nice weekend, 
best regards,
  • email, June 7 2019

“Hello Jeff, Ze’ev and Harry,

just wanted to introduce myself: I am from Karlsruhe in Germany and I am one of the members of the “Quintet15 ESS AMT1” group.
I would like to thank Jeff for his interesting description of his journey to “HiFi heaven”;-) As Jeff, I also went through many different audio systems from the late 70ies on. And I still use two vintage systems from these days, which are in near mint condition.
1. Marantz:
  • Amplifier Model 1090
  • Tuner Model 2100
  • Tape Deck Model 5200
2. Sansui:
  • Amplifier AU – 717
  • Tuner TU – 717
  • Tape Deck SC – 3110
Yet, I have not used the amps together with the Quintet15, but I plan to do it soon.
What is currently going on in my “HiFi universe”:
Before integrating my miniDSP DDRC-24 for bi-amping purposes into my current chain (see below), I tried to reuse the Leonidas XO that I obtained from Ze’ev when I bought last year a Trio15 with Voxativ AC-1.6 for breaking in the new upgrading components. Replacing R1 by 8.2 Ohm and L1 by 10 mH (both Mundorf equivalents), I obtained a quite satisfying result for the Quintet15 ESS AMT1. Pleasant relaxed sound, natural characteristics of instruments and voices and a stunningly 3-dimensional imaging. Without A/B comparison there is practically nothing missing, probably 3% of the attack that the Voxativ AC-1.6 delivers …
Hope to hear from all of you soon.
@Ze’ev: Oh yes, I enjoy a lot of music from the Quintet15 with the Voxativ and with the ESS widebanders.
Best regards to all

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