Quintet15 Horn1

“Excellent speaker, well done  exceeded my expectations, thank you. Can you please add the message to Customers and Fans group please. I am enjoying your creation now.”, Ganesh G., Australia

Trio15 Classic w/ Voxativ AC-PiFe and PassLabs INT25 Amplifier

Hi Ze’ev, I picked up my Pass INT-25 last Friday, and then set up over the weekend with my PAP Classics. Holy smoke!!!  As the expression goes…??.  And I was concerned about a trade off in power for musicality!!!  ??? I need some time to digest this new amp and it’s sonic presentation.  It eliminates […]

From a ‘rough go’ into a ‘different reality, space or experience’

Customer’s Email after breaking-in and optimizing  the Quintet15 Voxativ (AC-1.6) to his room, gear and taste: “I had a bit of a rough go when I first got the speakers. I can go into this more if you would like. The thing I would like to stress is that you (Ze’ev) went above and beyond […]

Trio15 Coax in Alaska

Hi Ze’ev, It’s taken me awhile to settle into my new PureAudioProject Trio Coax speakers. . . but I am really satisfied with my current set up! (Thanks for the Face Time call – it all got sorted and I ultimately landed on the stock resistor values! ;). I‘ve enjoyed a nice custom pair of […]

True Confessions (Trio15 Horn1)

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