Just got back into vinyl after over twenty years away from it. Decided I needed the VPI prime scout with a Soundsmith Zephyr MIMC cartridge. My system now consists of: Pure Audio Project Quintet 10; PSAudio Stellar Phono Preamp; First Watt SIT-3 Amp; PSAudio DirectStream DAC; REL T/7i subwoofer; Pass Labs XP-12 preamp; PSAudio DirectStream […]

Duet15 Prelude

High level summary: 1) The Duet speakers are incredibly precise in rendering recordings, without being nervy or overly high pitched. 2) As highly efficient speakers they run well on any equipment and are more balanced on low volumes.  These speakers also raise the bar for low cost equipment. 3) The bass is very impressive and […]

Quintet15 Horn1

I lived with Martin Logan Montis for 5 full years… delighted with some aspects of their performance, yet, troubled by other unsatisfied aspects lacking in their performance. Specifically, the fullness of a double bass and a bass kick drum just seemed inadequate. And this was frustrated further by an overall lack of dynamics. And, the […]

Customer Review of Quintet15 that replaced his Jamo R-909

I come from Denmark, and I love music and hifi. I have now been the happy owner of a set PureAudioProject Quintet 15 with Voxativ AC-1.6 for approx. 6 months. I had had the Jamo R909 for many years and was very happy with these speaker, but then an opportunity came where I could buy […]

Happy and exploring the modular concept

I have been well pleased with the Trio 15 Voxativ. Was considering and upgrade to the Pife but the AC 1.6 sounds so good. I think the Coax10 will be intriguing as I have been wanting to try the 1.4″ horn tweeter within the 10” woofer. That will be a good step for me.