Exclussive Internal Strand Wiring Upgrade by Esprit Cables

Crossover to Drivers Cable Set

We are nowadays adding the Internal Strand Wiring Upgrade by Esprit Cables to our offering.

Prices will be announced soon.

“I’ve been living with the Espirit cables for several weeks now. Due to Covid we’re spending a great deal of time at home. Therefore, the stereo system gets a lot of hours. I’m sure the new cables have been broken in… I really can only comment that I am thrilled and delighted.”, Customer, US

About Esprit Cables Internal Wiring

Designed personally by Mr. Richard Cesary, Founder of Esprit Cables, in 2018, for his own Quintet15.

Played at few Audio Shows in 2019 and supplied to few customers upon request in 2020.

In on-going production since end of 2020.

Based on Esprit Cables Strand Kappa-Grade Speakers Cables

  • 20 microns silver-plated copper bananas connectors
  • 20 microns silver-plated copper spades connectors
  • Asymmetrical dielectric on air
  • 720 strand pure copper conductor
  • Asymmetrical strand construction
  • Air layer partial screening

“Kappa cables’ ability to reveal the smooth and realistic qualities of your high fidelity system is really impressive. They offer an immediate, natural and dynamic musical emotion, previously reserved to the most elitist products.”, from Esprit Cables catalog.