Start Y2019 with exciting and long awaited Audio gear and our limited End of 2018 Special Offers

Offer 1:

Upgrade your Trio15TB to Trio15 Voxativ

only $1,790 in the US and EU1,790 in Europe.

Upgrade incl. 2 x Voxativ AC-1.6, 2 x Baffles and the required Crossover Components.

All you need to do is drill 4 drills in your TB Baffle, mount the Voxativ driver, replace the relevant components on the crossover, and cover the TB mounting holes on the baffle with the cover ring we supply.

Offer 2:

Trio15 Heil (complete)

only $3,990 in the US and EUR3,990 in Europe

Trio15 Heil feat. a pair of Trio15 Open Baffle Speakers with Heil AMT 1 and a dedicated passive Crossover

Offer 3:

Pre-Order the new Quintet10 Voxativ (AC-1.6)

$7,490 in the US and EUR7,490 in Europe (you save 1,500)

Quintet10 Voxativ feat. Quintet10 Open Baffle Speakers with Voxativ AC-1.6 drivers and the passive ‘Leonidas’ Crossover