Internal Wiring Upgrade

Crossover to Drivers Cables

We resumed shipping these cables.

Prices will be announced soon.

Just received the cables (Copper XO Cables Upgrade) this afternoon and have only had time to install one set. It took me approximately 1/2 hour to do so since I had to remove the crossover from the speaker base in order to remove the old wires and install the new ones… Bottom line is that even with the short time the new cables have played on the one speaker you can really tell the difference in sound. The foil cables are cleaner, more detailed and sound very smooth. This was a good call on your part to offer the upgrade because they make a very good speaker sound even better. Glad I made the change…”

“Caps in. Heavenly sound. You saved my audiophile life!!! Had XXX  with SS amps to drive them. Lost interest in my system. Sold the XXX and as you know bought the PAP Vox and a tube EAR 890 amp.  Glorious sounds now!!! Thanks for your labor of Love and dedication. Get those ribbons  (Silver XO Foil Cables) as fast as you can sir!!!! and be amazed!!!”

Copper with optional Gold/Alloy XO Cable Upgrade

  • The Copper XO Cable Set Upgrade consists of single run Cryo treated ¾ inch wide 99.997% pure OFC
    Copper AudioFoils, laminated in clear Mylar dielectric.
  • This set gains the benefits of thin foil which is a reduction in distortions caused by skin effect, and that means ‘all the detail but quieter background’.
  • The result is a very smooth all-round presentation, with added nuance and delicacy of the low level details, where the spatial information lives, making the image even deeper and wider.
  • Due to the single run nature of the Copper Foils they can be led close together for lower impedance, or apart for
    lower capacitance.
  • Anywhere the termination allows, connection is solder free for cleanest signal transfer

Along with each kit comes adhesive backed cable clips, so you may route your new cables
across the baffle back to the frame edge, then down to the crossover, effectively hiding the
cables from view at the front side of the speakers.

These reference crossover cables upgrades were designed and are manufactured for PureAudioProject in the US by Verastarr, a genuine provider of audio cables for wide range of use cases since 2001.