Trio15 Voxativ AC-1.6

As for the music taste I tended to go for warmer and intimate sound. Initially when I listened to TRIO15, I missed the bright details and heavier bass.
After listening to TRIO 15 for some time, I began to fall in love with the sound. It has realism and musicality. Unlike my earlier speakers, now I can listen to Trio for hours without feeling like my brain has enough of it and I have to go off and come back another day. I think now my taste of sound has change to musicality and ability to listen for long periods of time. “

From correspondence before purchasing: “

I listen to :-
lots of vocals (>50%) like Chie Ayado, Josh Groban, Susan Wong, Jheena Lodwick, Kari Bremnes, Jacintha, Diana Krall, Andrea Bocelli, Roberta Flack, Holy Cole,  Barb Jungr, Emi Fujita, Louis Armstrong,  Jim Reeves etc
(5%)some  Jazz ,like Dave Brubeck, Jesse Cook,
(10%) some Orchestra (mainly Motion Picture Soundtrack ), Hans Zimmer, Johann Johansson.
(10%)musics like  kenny G, Kitaro, Per Nielsen trumpet ,
(>10%) Pop songs like Chris Rea, mariah carey, Celine Dion, Adele, Niel Diamond, Harry Belafonte, Sam Cooke, Eagles, Beyonce, Lara Fabian,

Others – Country Songs and some Rock songs like Queen, Dire Strait.

 C.C.H., Malaysia

Duet15 Prelude

“Ze’ev, when the duet’s first arrived, I have to admit, I was a little skeptical…
I was very pleasantly surprised with how tight and punchy they sounded and they have a very crisp and present top end without any harshness, in my opinion. Everything just sounds real to me. I wasn’t expecting that at all. In fact I already sold my Graham ls 5/9’s, which are great speakers in my opinion. I was really just trying the duets’s out of curiosity but I fell in love with their sound and had to have them. Thanks Ze’ev, love them.”

S.B., Customer, USA

Quintet10 Heil

The crossover modules are in place and all the cabling work is done. Everything works as anticipated and it is easy to hear that the elements need some exercise before they can perform their best, especially the woofers which sound a little stiff. Otherwise, the biggest difference from my previous speakers is the big and effortless sound with very good transient handling. There is a big potential for better bass after a week or two I think.  I am very happy with the speakers but of course has no idea how they would perform against your tuned ones. The fact that the speakers ar actively configured with three stereo amplifiers certainly contributes to the effortless sound. I am very happy with your input and help and will let you know how things will develop 🙂

~Kim Fellegi


After a month of playing I think the Duets got stable and they are burned in completely. The sound is amazingly good. It is all there, the focus, the stereo image, the powerful but detailed bass and the incredible Voxativ mids and highs. You never get tired listening. I have a broad spectrum of genres I listen to. No matter what, the old Mingus mono records or the latest HD classical recordings, the jazzrock 70’s vinyl., they all sound as I never heard before. Just wanted you to know… Maybe a point later in time I would like to have some more info about changing the caps or resistors (if these are the right names)and change them with the set you delivered. Wonder if the sound could even be better. Also on the future program is to add some roomcorrection to repair some ups and downs in my room. I thought about minidsp. But I wonder if this might take the magic away. The Duets perform much btw better in hiding the room anomalies then the totems I had. The magic of open baffle I guess. Thanks again and let me know when the green bases are available.

~Johan Jongstra

Trio15 with Field Coil, Voxativ AC-X

A year in to owning the Trio 15s with 10” Coax are still fabulous! These speakers are quite remarkable in my experience! A very satisfied customer.

~Mike Blakey

Trio15 Classic (unique break-in)

Customer took a very unique approach to break-in the audio components and this is what he wrote:

“Innovative approach to sound. With Dirac room correction it sounds much better than it looks.

If people heard the sound, they would shake their head and wonder how that sound is possible. Definitely high end components!”

After few weeks all audio components were mounted in the Classic15 enclosure and this feedback came in:

“I was really enjoying the speakers until I brought out my Sugden a21se, which I was planning to sell. The combination of your speakers and that class A amp is beyond my dreams. Now it is a love fest. I am glad that I opted for the Voxativ PiFe. I would like to congratulate you on a very fine sounding speaker with a beautiful enclosure.”


Trio15 Voxativ

The final bits of my order arrived last Friday and my son and i had a great time assembling your speakers. It is crazy easy!! Fit and finish is excellent.. No fiddling around to make things go together. i have been listening to your trio 15’s with the voxative field coils now for about a week, around 50 hours. So well below the recommended break-in period 0f 100 – 200 hrs but i can already tell that there is something very special going on! They sound absolutely amazing … I am driving them with a pair of home made 2A3 parallel SET that put out roughly 6 watts, and boy does the system sing! every note is crystal clear with details i do not think i have heard before. the most amazing part is that the music just seems to flow effortlessly through them… So probably for the first time in many years i am actually enjoying the music rather than trying to analyzing my system!! i listen to a wide variety of music from classic Jazz to blues to rock and all of it sounds great! these speaker replace a set that i think are close to 2x as expensive and there is simply no comparison! Cannot imagine what they will sound like when fully broken in! Full update in another month when everything is broken in.

~Rutton Ruttonsha

Trio15 Voxativ AC-PiFe

I was finally able to listen to my new Project Pure Audio speakers Trio 15 last night and I really loved it… speakers really up to the best I could expect… They make a perfect, incredible match with my McIntosh C2700 tube pre-amp, my McIntosh tube amp also the MC 2775 MKVI, my McIntosh MT2 turntable and my Blue sound Vault 2i streamer. Theoretically all Hi-Fi retailers tell us the perfect match is a tube pre-amp paired with a transistor amp (which I’ve tried on a few occasions with McIntosh, Moon and Mark Levinson)…. but I really have a preference for the tube sound that makes me particularly vibrate… a bit like a good vinyl recording…:) I’m sure I will appreciate too the installation of the new MCap EVO Silver/Gold/Oil By Mundorf. They will add to the performances that are already excellent. I have read several very glowing reviews about these Caps that are used by many audiophiles here in Canada. They find these capacitors not very far from here in Ontario…(

~Denis Brassard

Duet15 Prelude

Zeev, you have a winner. The Duet15 is working very well in my room. I was stunned with the details, vivid-pinpoint imaging, as well as the fast and tight bass. I am letting it to run in at pretty loud volume right now. It has great potential!

~Alvin Chee


Just got back into vinyl after over twenty years away from it. Decided I needed the VPI prime scout with a Soundsmith Zephyr MIMC cartridge. My system now consists of: Pure Audio Project Quintet 10; PSAudio Stellar Phono Preamp; First Watt SIT-3 Amp; PSAudio DirectStream DAC; REL T/7i subwoofer; Pass Labs XP-12 preamp; PSAudio DirectStream Power Plant 12 regenerator. And yes, I think I am now ready to begin the 12 step detoxifying process, since I can now admit that I am an addict. The system sounds glorious, everything I could have hoped for. Ze’ev got me started on vinyl again with the Music Odyssey China LP – so I believe that I can hold him accountable for all this ?., C.N., USA