Happy and exploring the modular concept

I have been well pleased with the Trio 15 Voxativ.
Was considering and upgrade to the Pife but the AC 1.6 sounds so good. I think the Coax10 will be intriguing as I have been wanting to try the 1.4″ horn tweeter within the 10” woofer. That will be a good step for me.

Trio15 Horn1 in Netherlands

“Against all logistic predictions, this morning a package from Mundorf was delivered at my home. That completed the shipments. Assembly was a walk in the park. I’ll let you know how things progress the coming weeks…”

Five Days After:

“Dear Ze’ev,
Here’s an intermediate reaction from your probably lowest living customer in Europe (4m below msl at my place).
As expected, during the first days sound changed from hour to hour, or even faster. These changes are now gradually slowing down after 5 consecutive days of playing. At the moment I like what I hear, soundscape is opening up in three directions, and the spectrum gets more and more balanced. Refinement of the high tones develops bit by bit, which is good.
Attached is a picture of the set-up in my living room. Initially I had some doubts on damping the room since it’s rather hard sounding and a bit reverberating, but that appears not to be an issue, at least not now.
As you can see on the picture, I own a VdVeen EL34 based pp amp, presently driven by KT77’s, which I could modify to around 0.07% 2nd order distortion at 1W@6Ohms. which sounds very detailed and clean. The trio’s allready show that cleanliness. Alternatively I also use Hypex nc400 mono’s. These make really a different sound. I like both, however. Further upstream, not shown on the picture, is Music First TVC, Lehman Black Cube preamp, Michell Gyro SE tt, Jelco SA250 arm fitted with Jico Seti-Hori cartridge, the analogue branch.  The digital branch comprises of a DIY dac based on four parallel NOS decks, I2S fed by RPi plus ALLO Kali reclocker.
Sorry for all these details, it reads a bit like showing of…. ‘music’ is the drive we share, all else are peripheral requisites, so far I like these peripherals that you developed.
Happy easter weekend !”
Read the in depth  ‘Confessions’ and ‘Observations’ mail sent few weeks after the above feedback

Trio15 Classic w/ PiFe in a small room

I have just finished listening to Mozart, Clarinet Concerto in A Major on my Trio Classic. What shall I say… sounds are flowing from the speakers as if they came from heaven.
Such clarity, great soundstage from top to bottom and both sides. Sharp but yet warm Clarinet and oboe sound almost as if you are standing next to them.
Thank you Zee’v for the Spine tingling experience.
Customer, IL

Trio15 Voxativ AC-1.6

As for the music taste I tended to go for warmer and intimate sound. Initially when I listened to TRIO15, I missed the bright details and heavier bass.
After listening to TRIO 15 for some time, I began to fall in love with the sound. It has realism and musicality. Unlike my earlier speakers, now I can listen to Trio for hours without feeling like my brain has enough of it and I have to go off and come back another day. I think now my taste of sound has change to musicality and ability to listen for long periods of time. “

From correspondence before purchasing: “

I listen to :-
lots of vocals (>50%) like Chie Ayado, Josh Groban, Susan Wong, Jheena Lodwick, Kari Bremnes, Jacintha, Diana Krall, Andrea Bocelli, Roberta Flack, Holy Cole,  Barb Jungr, Emi Fujita, Louis Armstrong,  Jim Reeves etc
(5%)some  Jazz ,like Dave Brubeck, Jesse Cook,
(10%) some Orchestra (mainly Motion Picture Soundtrack ), Hans Zimmer, Johann Johansson.
(10%)musics like  kenny G, Kitaro, Per Nielsen trumpet ,
(>10%) Pop songs like Chris Rea, mariah carey, Celine Dion, Adele, Niel Diamond, Harry Belafonte, Sam Cooke, Eagles, Beyonce, Lara Fabian,

Others – Country Songs and some Rock songs like Queen, Dire Strait.

 C.C.H., Malaysia

Trio15 with Field Coil, Voxativ AC-X

A year in to owning the Trio 15s with 10” Coax are still fabulous! These speakers are quite remarkable in my experience! A very satisfied customer.

~Mike Blakey

Trio15 Voxativ

The final bits of my order arrived last Friday and my son and i had a great time assembling your speakers. It is crazy easy!! Fit and finish is excellent.. No fiddling around to make things go together. i have been listening to your trio 15’s with the voxative field coils now for about a week, around 50 hours. So well below the recommended break-in period 0f 100 – 200 hrs but i can already tell that there is something very special going on! They sound absolutely amazing … I am driving them with a pair of home made 2A3 parallel SET that put out roughly 6 watts, and boy does the system sing! every note is crystal clear with details i do not think i have heard before. the most amazing part is that the music just seems to flow effortlessly through them… So probably for the first time in many years i am actually enjoying the music rather than trying to analyzing my system!! i listen to a wide variety of music from classic Jazz to blues to rock and all of it sounds great! these speaker replace a set that i think are close to 2x as expensive and there is simply no comparison! Cannot imagine what they will sound like when fully broken in! Full update in another month when everything is broken in.

~Rutton Ruttonsha

Trio15 Voxativ AC-PiFe

I was finally able to listen to my new Project Pure Audio speakers Trio 15 last night and I really loved it… speakers really up to the best I could expect… They make a perfect, incredible match with my McIntosh C2700 tube pre-amp, my McIntosh tube amp also the MC 2775 MKVI, my McIntosh MT2 turntable and my Blue sound Vault 2i streamer. Theoretically all Hi-Fi retailers tell us the perfect match is a tube pre-amp paired with a transistor amp (which I’ve tried on a few occasions with McIntosh, Moon and Mark Levinson)…. but I really have a preference for the tube sound that makes me particularly vibrate… a bit like a good vinyl recording…:) I’m sure I will appreciate too the installation of the new MCap EVO Silver/Gold/Oil By Mundorf. They will add to the performances that are already excellent. I have read several very glowing reviews about these Caps that are used by many audiophiles here in Canada. They find these capacitors not very far from here in Ontario…(www.audiyo.com)

~Denis Brassard

Trio15 Coax in Alaska

Hi Ze’ev,

It’s taken me awhile to settle into my new PureAudioProject Trio Coax speakers. . . but I am really satisfied with my current set up! (Thanks for the Face Time call – it all got sorted and I ultimately landed on the stock resistor values! ;).

I‘ve enjoyed a nice custom pair of speakers with RAAL ribbons, Accuton mid drivers, and PHL 12” bass drivers for years. . . (among many other commercial offerings) but always missed the dynamic impact of percussive instruments (of course including piano) with many music genres including jazz, electronic, chamber, Latin, hard rock and beyond. . . so I want my system to do everything really well (clearly nothing new)! Okay but better than “really well” – emotionally transportive!

. . . I do have a pair of Rythmik Audio 12” servo controlled subs with one shown in the pic (not really needed but I’m still experimenting). . . My electronics are highly modded kits which I love but there is the challenge (for me) of owning and loving “zero negative feedback” tube designs and wanting for (a bit more) damping factor! (that costly lunch cliche again). . .

So I’ve used the autoformers for years using only the 1.3x setting to just put a bit more “form” around the bass. . . tonally speaking.  The recording “Pepe and the Bottle Blondes: Late Night Betty” is an off shoot of Pink Martini and is a fully embodied listening experience but the PAP Trios really brought the full dynamics of this recording to life – Just fabulous! (timbre, balance, presence, rhythm and pace, dynamics/visceral impact, etc.)

. . . anyway, from – Philip Glass, Beats Antique, Chopin, Clifford Brown, Max Roach, Booker Ervin, Sarah Vaughan, Ojos de Brujo, Jessica Williams, Tape Five, The Grassy Knoll, to Tool – I’m having a fabulous time listening (we have a short summer in Alaska so I’m not supposed to be inside listening this much until winter) and many of my music loving friends have enthusiastically approved of my new audio related acquisition!!!

(I have a small contingent of friends that come over from what started with a “Jazz: The Smithsonian Anthology” listening/study project to an excuse (as though we needed one) to get together to eat, drink and listen . . .)
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I’m writing this listening to Wendy Sutter play Songs and Poems for Solo Cello written for her by Philip Glass. . . stunning!

The ability to assemble and enjoy or assemble, experiment, tweak, and enjoy is perfect for this semi-diy guy in Alaska!

(. . . and of course I’m curious about your other offerings . . . it would be strange not to be . . . right ;))

Thanks, take care, be safe,

Mike Blakey
Anchorage, Alaska

PS . . . and of course you’ve got a standing invitation to visit Alaska now

True Confessions (Trio15 Horn1)

Dear Ze’ev

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Suddenly I realized, audition time must be over by now, and I wasn’t sharp on its start either. So I guess I owe you some confessions and observations. First of all, you will not get these great speakers back. (bluntly breaking the ice….;-)

First confession

I had the impression that I was used to quite a wide and deep soundspace. That appeared to be a false impression. These speakers really can take you into an envelope of sound. Depending on the sound-engineer’s mastering, some recordings let you perceive sound from an angle of about 70 degrees on either side of the center, the more conventional recordings give you tunnel-deep perception. I mean from the front to the back, very deep.

Second confession

I thought that my room was acoustically difficult to tame. Having spent months studying on acoustics, theorizing, measuring and experimenting with damping material appeared to be a waste of time. These speakers just need distance from the walls and when placed relatively close (2½-3m or so) to the listening position ‘and’ are well broken in, you have nothing to wish for. No need for damping or bass traps anymore.

Third confession

At first I thought open baffle bass production was an illusion compared to a well designed Transmission line speaker that I used to have. This impression appears to be false as well. During the four weeks these woofers became better and better. In fact the whole breaking in seems to be much longer than I thought, Over time I notice improvements even still after an estimated 350 hours or so. This yields for the horns as well.
This brings me to wonder how on earth you could develop a speaker like this, when it takes a month before you can hear the end result? Either you must have had highly valid predictive skill or lots of patience and perseverance. Maybe both.

Fourth confession

These horns are rather addictive! As most of us work from our homes these days, so am I. I have to confess that an audio supported lunch break can easily result in forgetting to lunch. (with the consequence that you have to work until late in the night to get your targets done 🙂

Observation one

Although I own Class D mono amps which distortion-wise perform hundreds of times better than my kt77 push pull VanderVeen UL40S-Power amp, the latter has not been disconnected from the set for the last two or three weeks. These speakers seem to be an excellent match for this amplifier.

Observation two

I’ve always noticed some degree of improvement between the start and the end of the first side of vinyl. These speakers make it clear that the improvement starts between 5 and 10 minutes after which apparently the needle’s suspension, the cartridge or preamp have warmed up.

Observation three

I thought the configuration of my set had settled after the years. Well, these speakers gradually made it clear that shortening inerconnects, even high quality,  have a big effect. So my house is in a mess now, rewiring, re configuring, thinking over a HiFi rack for instance, even the car battery, which feeds the DAC, has found temporary asylum in my living. And although female intervention in electronics associated decoration is history for years now, my aim is to resettle again as soon as possible. (even I have my limits 🙂
So cheers to you Ze’ev! I had my reservation, shooting savings into the stratosphere and expecting some rain after – guess what? I got torrential HiFi rain making me happy every day!
Stephan (NL)

Trio15 Voxativ (w/ AC-1.6) in Korea

“Soundstage enormous ?. It is our living room.
Big argument with my wife getting big speakers but when she heard how it sounded, “It is like a live concert in our living room” ?
Am really amazed at its current sound
Cant wait for the 200hours
Thanks again Ze’ev!”, Customer, Korea