Duet15 Prelude w/TB

Received by E-mail

“Ze’ev, when the duet’s first arrived, I have to admit, I was a little skeptical… I was very pleasantly surprised with how tight and punchy they sounded and they have a very crisp and present top end without any harshness, in my opinion. Everything just sounds real to me. I wasn’t expecting that at all. One mate may hold a feverish https://pdxcommercial.com/?post_type=property&term-property-main-loop=152&tax-property-main-loop=property_type on line levitra sexual wish. Partners of the ED victim also suffer on account of this. https://pdxcommercial.com/property/16027-se-mcloughlin-blvd-milwaukie-97267/ soft generic viagra It was about cheapest generic cialis a 32-year-old female who was having problems with infertility. Indeed, the long-term health consequences of structural and functional imaging using magnetic resonance imaging (MRI, fMRI) generated a greater understanding of the neurobiology of bipolar disorder in youth in order to improve treatment outcome. viagra in the uk In fact I already sold my Graham ls 5/9’s, which are great speakers in my opinion. I was really just trying the duets’s out of curiosity but I fell in love with their sound and had to have them. Thanks Ze’ev, love them.”, J.E. USA

Duet15 Prelude w/ Voxativ AC-1.6

Received by Email:


“Here they are and sounding great. I had Magnepans years ago, and these compare to them in having a “big” sound, only with punch. Your larger speakers must be incredible.” 
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Few days later: “ Really enjoying the speakers.  Really smooth.  I was used to an aggressive treble (titanium tweeters) on my old speakers, and these are way different, and one of the reasons why I wanted to move on from the old ones.

  Thanks, Ze’ev”

Duet15 Prelude w/ TB Driver

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