Trio15 Voxativ AC-1.6

As for the music taste I tended to go for warmer and intimate sound. Initially when I listened to TRIO15, I missed the bright details and heavier bass.
After listening to TRIO 15 for some time, I began to fall in love with the sound. It has realism and musicality. Unlike my earlier speakers, now I can listen to Trio for hours without feeling like my brain has enough of it and I have to go off and come back another day. I think now my taste of sound has change to musicality and ability to listen for long periods of time. “

From correspondence before purchasing: “

I listen to :-
lots of vocals (>50%) like Chie Ayado, Josh Groban, Susan Wong, Jheena Lodwick, Kari Bremnes, Jacintha, Diana Krall, Andrea Bocelli, Roberta Flack, Holy Cole,  Barb Jungr, Emi Fujita, Louis Armstrong,  Jim Reeves etc
(5%)some  Jazz ,like Dave Brubeck, Jesse Cook,
(10%) some Orchestra (mainly Motion Picture Soundtrack ), Hans Zimmer, Johann Johansson.
(10%)musics like  kenny G, Kitaro, Per Nielsen trumpet ,
(>10%) Pop songs like Chris Rea, mariah carey, Celine Dion, Adele, Niel Diamond, Harry Belafonte, Sam Cooke, Eagles, Beyonce, Lara Fabian,

Others – Country Songs and some Rock songs like Queen, Dire Strait.

 C.C.H., Malaysia

Duet15 Prelude w/ Voxativ AC-1.6

“The speakers sound amazing, they fill the room with amazing clarity and make me think theres a concert in my living room.” ~~A.D.C, Dominican Republic

Trio15 Classic (unique break-in)

Customer took a very unique approach to break-in the audio components and this is what he wrote:

“Innovative approach to sound. With Dirac room correction it sounds much better than it looks.

If people heard the sound, they would shake their head and wonder how that sound is possible. Definitely high end components!”

After few weeks all audio components were mounted in the Classic15 enclosure and this feedback came in:

“I was really enjoying the speakers until I brought out my Sugden a21se, which I was planning to sell. The combination of your speakers and that class A amp is beyond my dreams. Now it is a love fest. I am glad that I opted for the Voxativ PiFe. I would like to congratulate you on a very fine sounding speaker with a beautiful enclosure.”


Trio15 Classic w/ PiFe in a small room

I have just finished listening to Mozart, Clarinet Concerto in A Major on my Trio Classic. What shall I say… sounds are flowing from the speakers as if they came from heaven.
Such clarity, great soundstage from top to bottom and both sides. Sharp but yet warm Clarinet and oboe sound almost as if you are standing next to them.
Thank you Zee’v for the Spine tingling experience.
Customer, IL

Trio15 Horn1 in Netherlands

“Against all logistic predictions, this morning a package from Mundorf was delivered at my home. That completed the shipments. Assembly was a walk in the park. I’ll let you know how things progress the coming weeks…”

Five Days After:

“Dear Ze’ev,
Here’s an intermediate reaction from your probably lowest living customer in Europe (4m below msl at my place).
As expected, during the first days sound changed from hour to hour, or even faster. These changes are now gradually slowing down after 5 consecutive days of playing. At the moment I like what I hear, soundscape is opening up in three directions, and the spectrum gets more and more balanced. Refinement of the high tones develops bit by bit, which is good.
Attached is a picture of the set-up in my living room. Initially I had some doubts on damping the room since it’s rather hard sounding and a bit reverberating, but that appears not to be an issue, at least not now.
As you can see on the picture, I own a VdVeen EL34 based pp amp, presently driven by KT77’s, which I could modify to around 0.07% 2nd order distortion at 1W@6Ohms. which sounds very detailed and clean. The trio’s allready show that cleanliness. Alternatively I also use Hypex nc400 mono’s. These make really a different sound. I like both, however. Further upstream, not shown on the picture, is Music First TVC, Lehman Black Cube preamp, Michell Gyro SE tt, Jelco SA250 arm fitted with Jico Seti-Hori cartridge, the analogue branch.  The digital branch comprises of a DIY dac based on four parallel NOS decks, I2S fed by RPi plus ALLO Kali reclocker.
Sorry for all these details, it reads a bit like showing of…. ‘music’ is the drive we share, all else are peripheral requisites, so far I like these peripherals that you developed.
Happy easter weekend !”
Read the in depth  ‘Confessions’ and ‘Observations’ mail sent few weeks after the above feedback

Upgrade to Trio15 Horn1

I’m REALLY happy about the upgrade I made. I was a bit worried how this turns out since I was also happy with TB’s and how dipole is working in my room. But when I got burn-in completed, I noticed that sound was well controlled (~coherent?), accurate, pure, organic, enjoyable sharp with high definition but not at all fatiguing..just pure joy. Everything I’m listening is rolling..foots are tapping or head is banging or… ? AND the most odd thing is that I’m singing along music and I’m anything but a singer. Absolutely great speakers. Thank you.

Duet15 Prelude

“Ze’ev, when the duet’s first arrived, I have to admit, I was a little skeptical…
I was very pleasantly surprised with how tight and punchy they sounded and they have a very crisp and present top end without any harshness, in my opinion. Everything just sounds real to me. I wasn’t expecting that at all. In fact I already sold my Graham ls 5/9’s, which are great speakers in my opinion. I was really just trying the duets’s out of curiosity but I fell in love with their sound and had to have them. Thanks Ze’ev, love them.”

S.B., Customer, USA

Happy and exploring the modular concept

I have been well pleased with the Trio 15 Voxativ.
Was considering and upgrade to the Pife but the AC 1.6 sounds so good. I think the Coax10 will be intriguing as I have been wanting to try the 1.4″ horn tweeter within the 10” woofer. That will be a good step for me.

Customer Review of Quintet15 that replaced his Jamo R-909

I come from Denmark, and I love music and hifi. I have now been the happy owner of a set PureAudioProject Quintet 15 with Voxativ AC-1.6 for approx. 6 months.
I had had the Jamo R909 for many years and was very happy with these speaker, but then an opportunity came where I could buy the Quintet 15 that Ze’ev had at the show in Munich. I had heard PureAudioProject before at a friend, and had been fascinated by them and this upgrade. Here I have got speakers that clearly surpasses my previous ones.
I was not unfamiliar with the positive things of open baffle, but the PureAudioProject Quintets do all so much better. I have super bass / deep bass with good control, and the Voxativ wide-band does it super, I almost feel, as if I am in the front seat of a concert every time I listen to music. Love the size of these speakers, they simply give a live feel and they play incredibly fluently. I am happy for the options they offer to make small changes (even for us who do not have the best technical understanding).
My other gear is primarily HOLFI (Danish hifi) with batteries, CD, Preamp and Amp, almost all my cables are from Dyrholm Design Audio, which I have found as a super match. The pleasure of listening to music becomes much greater on these amazing speakers, which in my opinion play far above expectation regardless of price.
Here are some pictures. Good day to all of you!

Quintet15 Horn1

I lived with Martin Logan Montis for 5 full years… delighted with some aspects of their performance, yet, troubled by other unsatisfied aspects lacking in their performance.
Specifically, the fullness of a double bass and a bass kick drum just seemed inadequate. And this was frustrated further by an overall lack of dynamics. And, the “sweet spot” for listening was about as minimal as imaginable… I could literally move 4-6 inches in either direction and the sound stage was drastically affected in a negative way.
There was always a feeling that this was just not an adequate quality of musical reproduction that was satisfying. Not at all!
When I made a change from a 45 wpc KT88 to an 8 wpc SET 300B, the sound improved, but it was still missing the same things as it did before the change.
I was fortunate to have asked Rachel at Grant Fidelity (who imports high quality tubes, and knows her stuff!) what speakers could she recommend that would match well with 8 watts of SET 300B amplification and deliver the things I was missing. Rachel had NO hesitation that what would satisfy my expectations and make me happy, would be the PureAudio Project speakers that she was extremely familiar with, having collaborated at numerous audio shows with Ze’ev.
After consulting with Ze’ev on the choice of model best suited to my room, amplification, musical taste and listening habits, the PureAudioProject Quintet 15Horn1 delivered all that the ML Montis did and everything that they were lacking.
What I love about these speakers, is that I can listen to the music I love at very modest (low) listening levels and still hear and feel the dynamics from the double bass and the kick drum that was no longer missing. And vastly better dynamics! The horn is thrilling! Bigger sound stage, totally wider “sweet spot” area! Better articulation … I can hear the shimmer of the cymbals that my old ears never heard before.
This combination of speakers and amplifier (Coincident Frankenstein MK II 300b) is everything I could hope for… I’m astounded every time I sit down and listen to the music I love!
As far as speakers and amplifiers go, I’m done!
PS. I can crank up rock material to “scary” sound pressure levels and the PAP horns sound terrific… not harsh at all… like live music sounds. And the 8 15’s… what fo you think THEY can deliver? Take a guess.