Quintet15 Horn1

“Excellent speaker, well done ? exceeded my expectations, thank you. Can you please add the message to Customers and Fans group please. I am enjoying your creation now.”, Ganesh G., Australia

Trio15 Classic w/ Voxativ AC-PiFe and PassLabs INT25 Amplifier

Hi Ze’ev,

I picked up my Pass INT-25 last Friday, and then set up over the weekend with my PAP Classics.
Holy smoke!!!  As the expression goes…??.  And I was concerned about a trade off in power for musicality!!!  ???
I need some time to digest this new amp and it’s sonic presentation.  It eliminates some questions I had, however will probably raise some others, and so I thought it would be best to postpone our conversation a little further until I organize my thoughts and questions.
My first impression of the PAP / Pass INT-25 pairing is ???.  NO REGRET.  I feel fortunate that my connection with it was facilitated through your enthusiasm about your experience with your XA.
Thanks Ze’ev.  I’ll be in touch.
————————  a week later  ————————


Until we talk I am simply affirming that your experience with your XA led me to considering the INT, and liking so much what I read about the INT I decided as you know to “go for it”.  I am glad I did!
Wow, what authority they seem to exhibit with the Classic Voxativs!  Any concerns I had about the amp being shy on authority or power with the PAP’s have been dashed.
Presentation is deep and detailed and well sorted….I am seeing that.  The finesse and sonic mass you discuss about the Voxativ PiFe’s are certainly brought out nicely by the amp, and seem to be optimized with the Pass/Voxativ PAP pairing.
Thanks Ze’ev!

 Mark H., Customer, USA

From a ‘rough go’ into a ‘different reality, space or experience’

Customer’s Email after breaking-in and optimizing  the Quintet15 Voxativ (AC-1.6) to his room, gear and taste:

“I had a bit of a rough go when I first got the speakers. I can go into this more if you would like. The thing I would like to stress is that you (Ze’ev) went above and beyond with making everything right.

The speakers sound like they look. They also don’t sound like they look. They can play really big, bold and rich. They can also do very subtle, small and intimate. One of the things that really sticks out is because there’s so much speaker area, they really move air, even at very low volumes. You feel the music, there’s a tangibleness to the music. Bass is not overbearing, until you’ve experienced it, it’s hard to convey. Then when you start to turn it up the way they pressurize the room is very smooth and inviting.

I had my cousin over to listen to some music. And after about an hour, he turns to me says, “I don’t get it, I don’t understand where the music is coming from.” Obviously you can’t miss them, they are over six feet tall. I say that’s a good example of what these speakers do, disapear. When you close your eyes with these you cannot pick them out in the room.

I find myself listening to music at lower volumes than I expect, my guess is because of the amount of air that moves, your whole body is involved in listening to music. No need to crank it up to 80-85+ dB, I find a lot of times, 70 to 75 dB is where I’m happy, 60 to 65 is also engaging.

From day one my plan was to upgrade to a hardwired point to point soldered XO and have high quality speaker cables to each driver.

The first thing I did was I replaced the little O-rings between the baffle and the frame with a strip of ISOdamp. That really made a big difference. When you tap on the frame or the baffle now there is almost no ringing, I find that translates to a lot more clarity across the frequency spectrum.

I then added an air core inductor. This was a much more subtle improvement, it was an improvement. The bass did get the little bit snappier.

After letting that play for a month plus. I knew I was going to upgrade the speaker cables from the crossover to the individual drivers. Multiple nights I thought “wow, this sounds so damn good, I don’t know why I’m gonna spend so much more money on these speaker cables!” I had a plan and I’m sticking to it. I got the speaker cables in, I have less than 10 hours on them, and I am thrilled with how much better it sounds.

They’re a blend of copper, gold and silver, Level of clarity, micro detail, the decay is just off the charts.

What I really want from my stereo is a “holographically immersive stereophonic experience” when I sit down and close my eyes drift off into a different reality, space or experience. I’ve only experienced this with a few systems. These speakers make that happen.

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I see myself living with these speakers for a very long time. The only thing I’m looking to do is change the room and change the room treatments.

Current system is

Jay’s Audio CDT MKIII
Rega P8 SS Zephyr MIMC
Roon + HQPlayer
Sonore MicroRendu
Holo Audio May KTE DAC
EMIA Remote Autoformer
DECWARE Zrock-25th
Snake River Audio and ICONOCLAST Cables.
I’m waiting on a Pi Audio Group UBERBuss.

I also included a photo of what I suspect will soon be the weakest link in my stereo :p

Make it a great day!

Trio15 Coax in Alaska

Hi Ze’ev,

It’s taken me awhile to settle into my new PureAudioProject Trio Coax speakers. . . but I am really satisfied with my current set up! (Thanks for the Face Time call – it all got sorted and I ultimately landed on the stock resistor values! ;).

I‘ve enjoyed a nice custom pair of speakers with RAAL ribbons, Accuton mid drivers, and PHL 12” bass drivers for years. . . (among many other commercial offerings) but always missed the dynamic impact of percussive instruments (of course including piano) with many music genres including jazz, electronic, chamber, Latin, hard rock and beyond. . . so I want my system to do everything really well (clearly nothing new)! Okay but better than “really well” – emotionally transportive!

. . . I do have a pair of Rythmik Audio 12” servo controlled subs with one shown in the pic (not really needed but I’m still experimenting). . . My electronics are highly modded kits which I love but there is the challenge (for me) of owning and loving “zero negative feedback” tube designs and wanting for (a bit more) damping factor! (that costly lunch cliche again). . .

So I’ve used the autoformers for years using only the 1.3x setting to just put a bit more “form” around the bass. . . tonally speaking.  The recording “Pepe and the Bottle Blondes: Late Night Betty” is an off shoot of Pink Martini and is a fully embodied listening experience but the PAP Trios really brought the full dynamics of this recording to life – Just fabulous! (timbre, balance, presence, rhythm and pace, dynamics/visceral impact, etc.)

. . . anyway, from – Philip Glass, Beats Antique, Chopin, Clifford Brown, Max Roach, Booker Ervin, Sarah Vaughan, Ojos de Brujo, Jessica Williams, Tape Five, The Grassy Knoll, to Tool – I’m having a fabulous time listening (we have a short summer in Alaska so I’m not supposed to be inside listening this much until winter) and many of my music loving friends have enthusiastically approved of my new audio related acquisition!!!

(I have a small contingent of friends that come over from what started with a “Jazz: The Smithsonian Anthology” listening/study project to an excuse (as though we needed one) to get together to eat, drink and listen . . .)
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I’m writing this listening to Wendy Sutter play Songs and Poems for Solo Cello written for her by Philip Glass. . . stunning!

The ability to assemble and enjoy or assemble, experiment, tweak, and enjoy is perfect for this semi-diy guy in Alaska!

(. . . and of course I’m curious about your other offerings . . . it would be strange not to be . . . right ;))

Thanks, take care, be safe,

Mike Blakey
Anchorage, Alaska

PS . . . and of course you’ve got a standing invitation to visit Alaska now

True Confessions (Trio15 Horn1)

Dear Ze’ev

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Suddenly I realized, audition time must be over by now, and I wasn’t sharp on its start either. So I guess I owe you some confessions and observations. First of all, you will not get these great speakers back. (bluntly breaking the ice….;-)

First confession

I had the impression that I was used to quite a wide and deep soundspace. That appeared to be a false impression. These speakers really can take you into an envelope of sound. Depending on the sound-engineer’s mastering, some recordings let you perceive sound from an angle of about 70 degrees on either side of the center, the more conventional recordings give you tunnel-deep perception. I mean from the front to the back, very deep.

Second confession

I thought that my room was acoustically difficult to tame. Having spent months studying on acoustics, theorizing, measuring and experimenting with damping material appeared to be a waste of time. These speakers just need distance from the walls and when placed relatively close (2½-3m or so) to the listening position ‘and’ are well broken in, you have nothing to wish for. No need for damping or bass traps anymore.

Third confession

At first I thought open baffle bass production was an illusion compared to a well designed Transmission line speaker that I used to have. This impression appears to be false as well. During the four weeks these woofers became better and better. In fact the whole breaking in seems to be much longer than I thought, Over time I notice improvements even still after an estimated 350 hours or so. This yields for the horns as well.
This brings me to wonder how on earth you could develop a speaker like this, when it takes a month before you can hear the end result? Either you must have had highly valid predictive skill or lots of patience and perseverance. Maybe both.

Fourth confession

These horns are rather addictive! As most of us work from our homes these days, so am I. I have to confess that an audio supported lunch break can easily result in forgetting to lunch. (with the consequence that you have to work until late in the night to get your targets done 🙂

Observation one

Although I own Class D mono amps which distortion-wise perform hundreds of times better than my kt77 push pull VanderVeen UL40S-Power amp, the latter has not been disconnected from the set for the last two or three weeks. These speakers seem to be an excellent match for this amplifier.

Observation two

I’ve always noticed some degree of improvement between the start and the end of the first side of vinyl. These speakers make it clear that the improvement starts between 5 and 10 minutes after which apparently the needle’s suspension, the cartridge or preamp have warmed up.

Observation three

I thought the configuration of my set had settled after the years. Well, these speakers gradually made it clear that shortening inerconnects, even high quality,  have a big effect. So my house is in a mess now, rewiring, re configuring, thinking over a HiFi rack for instance, even the car battery, which feeds the DAC, has found temporary asylum in my living. And although female intervention in electronics associated decoration is history for years now, my aim is to resettle again as soon as possible. (even I have my limits 🙂
So cheers to you Ze’ev! I had my reservation, shooting savings into the stratosphere and expecting some rain after – guess what? I got torrential HiFi rain making me happy every day!
Stephan (NL)

Jamo R-909 Customer Stays Loyal to Open Baffle and Moves on to Quintet15

Hello, I come from Denmark, and I love music and hifi. I have now been the happy owner of a set PureAudioProject Quintet 15 with Voxativ AC-1.6 for approx. 6 months.
I had had the Jamo R909 for many years and was very happy with these speaker, but then an opportunity came where I could buy the Quintet 15 that Ze’ev had at the show in Munich. I had heard PureAudioProject before at a friend, and had been fascinated by them and this upgrade. Here I have got speakers that clearly surpasses my previous ones.
I was not unfamiliar with the positive things of open baffle, but the PureAudioProject Quintets do all so much better. I have super bass / deep bass with good control, and the Voxativ wide-band does it super, I almost feel, as if I am in the front seat of a concert every time I listen to music. Love the size of these speakers, they simply give a live feel and they play incredibly fluently. I am happy for the options they offer to make small changes (even for us who do not have the best technical understanding).
My other gear is primarily HOLFI (Danish hifi) with batteries, CD, Preamp and Amp, almost all my cables are from Dyrholm Design Audio, which I have found as a super match. The pleasure of listening to music becomes much greater on these amazing speakers, which in my opinion play far above expectation regardless of price.
Here are some pictures. Good day to all of you!
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Duet15 Prelude w/TB

Received by E-mail

“Ze’ev, when the duet’s first arrived, I have to admit, I was a little skeptical… I was very pleasantly surprised with how tight and punchy they sounded and they have a very crisp and present top end without any harshness, in my opinion. Everything just sounds real to me. I wasn’t expecting that at all. One mate may hold a feverish https://pdxcommercial.com/?post_type=property&term-property-main-loop=152&tax-property-main-loop=property_type on line levitra sexual wish. Partners of the ED victim also suffer on account of this. https://pdxcommercial.com/property/16027-se-mcloughlin-blvd-milwaukie-97267/ soft generic viagra It was about cheapest generic cialis a 32-year-old female who was having problems with infertility. Indeed, the long-term health consequences of structural and functional imaging using magnetic resonance imaging (MRI, fMRI) generated a greater understanding of the neurobiology of bipolar disorder in youth in order to improve treatment outcome. viagra in the uk In fact I already sold my Graham ls 5/9’s, which are great speakers in my opinion. I was really just trying the duets’s out of curiosity but I fell in love with their sound and had to have them. Thanks Ze’ev, love them.”, J.E. USA

Trio15 Voxativ (w/ AC-1.6) in Korea

“Soundstage enormous ?.

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It is our living room.
Big argument with my wife getting big speakers but when she heard how it sounded, “It is like a live concert in our living room” ?
Am really amazed at its current sound
Cant wait for the 200hours
Thanks again Ze’ev!”, Customer, Korea

Duet15 Prelude w/ Voxativ AC-1.6

Received by Email:


“Here they are and sounding great. I had Magnepans years ago, and these compare to them in having a “big” sound, only with punch. Your larger speakers must be incredible.” 
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Few days later: “ Really enjoying the speakers.  Really smooth.  I was used to an aggressive treble (titanium tweeters) on my old speakers, and these are way different, and one of the reasons why I wanted to move on from the old ones.

  Thanks, Ze’ev”

Duet15 Prelude w/ TB Driver

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