Rio’s Trio15 Voxativ, self modified

Man it’s been a while! Just very busy with life and work in general. Big landscaping job and renting another home. Too much going on. Just tp give you an update on the

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speakers but they sound like music now, not speakers! My friends at Stereo Unlimited did some major mods to them with their Supernal cables and metal.
Plus they did an upgrade to their Linaeum based super tweeter. Pretty much all set up now, a CD player and DAC at some point in the future but for now it’s an all LP
based system that’s amazing
Here are some quick pix [I’ll send you some serious studio shots soon] they added a silver and oil cap to the tweeter that goes on to the speaker mains as jumpers.
Will probably solder that permanently too…
I’m using a small Jolida 707a with brand new tubes from RCH labs [6l6] 40 watts great little amp!
The amps in the pic are the JD3000a 200watt monos also with new 616’s The sound with those amps is truly like real music in the room!
But they are just too big for my smaller room.
The speakers have far exceeded my expectations, really amazing but the modifications put them in a totally different league!
I wish their was a way you could hear them, I think you would be very impressed!
Thanks for a great speakers it was a fun [long] project, love the stained oak finish. I’m convinced the Voxativ driver and their tweeter is a perfect match!
Hope all is well with you and the company.

Deb from NY introduces a superb Leonidas Variation for Trio15TB

Few good months ago I received a mail from a customer, a very nice lady from NY, who is also a professional musician, name Deb. She purchased a second hand Trio15TB and kindly asked if we can provide her only the Leonidas Crossovers… We supplied the XOs and this simple purchase developed into a great, one of a kind experience !

I let Deb’s last email tell the story and only add that we applause Deb ! Our Trio15TB customers can now experience and enjoy her unique Variation on the Leonidas Crossover !


“As a former professional orchestral musician I have been studying live sound and performances for most of my life.  It is this sound of reality that I strive to convey from my systems and component designs.  Proper timbre, placement, articulations and overtone series are all areas of extreme importance when trying to accomplish a realistic sound.

I was fortunate enough to purchase a pair of Trio 15 TB speakers from a very talented woodworker named Jon Parkhurst of Wisconsin.  He made the baffles out of 5 different types of wood and I had never seen anything like them.  I think that they are stunning!  These speakers did not come with any crossovers so I ordered the proper Leonidas series crossover to see what the true intent of the design was.

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I received the units from Mundorf within about ten days after speaking with Ze’ev.  After letting things settle in for a number of hours it was finally time for a listen.  It was quite an experience to hear a commercial speaker that exudes the characters which I deem so important to realistic reproduction.  Instruments, voices, ambient space, and extremely accurate tonal reproduction were all rewards for purchasing these very fine speakers.
After some time with them in my music room I began to think about tailoring their sound even further.  If you have the Leonidas crossover units you can easily introduce or exclude different components into the crossover.  Changing values is equally as easy with no soldering required.
After doing some measurements and revised simulations I came upon a design that I really liked.  By changing crossover frequencies  with various component values I freed up the TB driver to perform over a more optimum frequency range.  This in turn allowed the lower frequencies to open up further.  The treble was also greatly improved as the TB full range had much less work to perform.  Also the reduction in driver overlap allowed a much more natural overtone series.  You could hear a violin as if it were directly in front of you and you could feel the wood body resonate.  This was it!!
You may be surprised that my series crossover is even more simple than the production circuit.  Fewer components and connections allow for less signal degradation and I believe this to be another plus to this version.
Ze’ev and Meir Mordechai (of Morel Speakers) have tested my crossover and have been very impressed.  Mr. Mordechai is one of my heroes in the industry and I have used his drivers in many successful designs.  To receive praise from him has been the greatest reward for all the time spent on this revision!
Due to the positive feedback Ze’ev has decided that he wants to offer this circuit as an option to the wonderful customers of PureAudioProject.  I humbly offer my work so that others may experience and enjoy even more from their Trio 15 TB speakers.
It has been an amazing process working with Ze’ev and I look forward to working with him on future projects.  He is a true gentleman and I believe his company is offering the best value in loudspeakers in the world!
Attached are some system photos and one of me.  Looking forward to hearing from you!”, Deb, NY

At Deb’s place:

At Meir Mordechai place:


Saturday Morning Bliss…

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Trio15 Voxativ Extreme Experiments with XO Components

“Hi Ze’ev

I am on crazy experiences and this speakers are the right choice.

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You will understand me looking at the photos,
Custome, Portugal

ClarityCap ESA Capacitors for Trio15 Voxativ

“Hi Ze’ev,

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Caps in. Heavenly sound.
You saved my audiophile life!!!
Had ——-  speakers with SS amps to drive them. Lost interest in my system.
Sold the —— and as you know bought the PAP Vox and a tube EAR 890 amp. 
Glorious sounds now!!!
Thanks for your labor of Love and dedication.
Get those ribbons as fast as you can sir!!!! and be amazed!!!



Jang zen Silver Z-Caps with Trio15 Voxativ

Here is what Scott did and wrote to us about his Trio15 Voxativ ! Enjoy !!!

“Thomas, Ze’ev,

I just replaced the main capacitors with three Jantzen Silver Z-Cap capacitors 2% 800v 22uf. 

I used three 22uf to replace each 68uf Mundorf cap.



All I can say is it took the speakers to a “much much” higher level, I mean beyond amazing.

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Such a full rich deep smooth detailed sound, absolutely beautiful, goose bumps good, best I have ever heard by far.

Highly recommend changing that capacitor out.

We need a forum on your webpage Ze’ev.

Thanks guys.


Scott F. Lamitie”

Trio15 Voxativ Open Baffle Speakers by PureAudioProject Scott LR