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Quintet15 Horn1

“Excellent speaker, well done  exceeded my expectations, thank you. Can you please add the message to Customers and Fans group please. I am enjoying your creation now.”, Ganesh G., Australia

Trio10 MundorfAMT, Special Offer

We still have in our stock few crossovers, AMT drivers, and even two of the original frames for our award-winner Trio10 MundorfAMT. Due to supply chain issues during Covid we removed the Trio10 speakers from our offering, but we are now happy to offer these remaining sets for a one-time Stock-B special price. Our offer […]

Trio15 Ready for Beyma AMT (TPL-150H)

Yes! We do have one set of our crossovers for Trio15 with the raved Beyma TPL-150H. If you are a fan of this popular AMT Horn driver, and/or you have a pair of Beyma TPL-150H drivers, take advantage of our one-time special offer and get the Trio15 that is ready for this wonderful center driver. […]

Special Offer for DIYers

Get the PureAudioProject  genuine audio components for your own DIY version of the Trio15 w/ TB W8-1808 (or compatible) (Limited stock) The set includes: 4 x OB-A15NEO woofers 2 x Audiophile grade crossovers for Trio15TB Build guidelines and support with critical information The commonly used Latin expression to explain erectile dysfunction “impotentia coeundi” simply means […]

Don’t mess with 50,000V…

The 8 unfinished baffles came in one box. That box contained only the 8 baffles… no extra samples from the same wood. The samples were to be provided so I could  experiment on the 4 step process of finishing the baffles in the manner in which I wish to have them finished. Gupta for the […]

End of 2021 Demo Stock Clearance

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