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Duet15 Prelude

High level summary: 1) The Duet speakers are incredibly precise in rendering recordings, without being nervy or overly high pitched. 2) As highly efficient speakers they run well on any equipment and are more balanced on low volumes.  These speakers also raise the bar for low cost equipment. 3) The bass is very impressive and […]

Duet15 Prelude

Zeev, you have a winner. The Duet15 is working very well in my room. I was stunned with the details, vivid-pinpoint imaging, as well as the fast and tight bass. I am letting it to run in at pretty loud volume right now. It has great potential! ~Alvin Chee

Trio15 Voxativ AC-PiFe

I was finally able to listen to my new Project Pure Audio speakers Trio 15 last night and I really loved it… speakers really up to the best I could expect… They make a perfect, incredible match with my McIntosh C2700 tube pre-amp, my McIntosh tube amp also the MC 2775 MKVI, my McIntosh MT2 […]

Trio15 Voxativ

The final bits of my order arrived last Friday and my son and i had a great time assembling your speakers. It is crazy easy!! Fit and finish is excellent.. No fiddling around to make things go together. i have been listening to your trio 15’s with the voxative field coils now for about a […]


After a month of playing I think the Duets got stable and they are burned in completely. The sound is amazingly good. It is all there, the focus, the stereo image, the powerful but detailed bass and the incredible Voxativ mids and highs. You never get tired listening. I have a broad spectrum of genres […]

Quintet10 Heil

The crossover modules are in place and all the cabling work is done. Everything works as anticipated and it is easy to hear that the elements need some exercise before they can perform their best, especially the woofers which sound a little stiff. Otherwise, the biggest difference from my previous speakers is the big and […]

Trio15 Voxativ AC-1.6

As for the music taste I tended to go for warmer and intimate sound. Initially when I listened to TRIO15, I missed the bright details and heavier bass. After listening to TRIO 15 for some time, I began to fall in love with the sound. It has realism and musicality. Unlike my earlier speakers, now I can listen to […]

Trio15 Classic (unique break-in)

Customer took a very unique approach to break-in the audio components and this is what he wrote: “Innovative approach to sound. With Dirac room correction it sounds much better than it looks. If people heard the sound, they would shake their head and wonder how that sound is possible. Definitely high end components!” After few […]