Audition at Home Program

We are happy to offer you to benefit our  ‘Audition at Home Program’.

Here is how it works:

Subject to availability we will provide you an ‘Audition Set’ in Near Mint condition, coming in  dedicated flight cases (see photos).

You will then be required to pay a deposit of 80% of the set list price and it will be shipped to you. You have 21 days from receiving the set to decide whether you will keep the set as is, get a brand new set, or return the Audition Set to us. In case you decide to keep the demo set we will pick up the flight cases. In case you decide to swap it for a new set, you will be required to pay the 20% + shipping costs for the new set. Once you receive the new set, we will pick up the Audition Set from you. In case you decide to return the audition set, we will pick up the Audition Set from you and will refund you the deposit minus $390 (partial shipping costs).

To proceed with Audition at Home please submit the form below and we will get back to you with more details.

General Return Policy

When purchasing a brand new set our return policy is 30 days from receiving all items. In case of a return you will be refunded for 90% of the speakers cost and we arrange the pickup.

‘Audition at Your Home’ Registration Form

Thank you for choosing the Audition at Home Program.

Please click the check box near the model you would like to have for audition at your home and we will contact you to proceed.