Endless Creativity and Tweaking ! Trying, Experiencing and Sharing


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Jeff R. wrote:
Hey guys, I stumbled on a wonderful hack for the Quintet Heils.  Take the pink foam from the baffle package and fold it under the Heil’s rear mounting screws like so…
The foam appears to act as a combination absorber and diffuser, limiting the amount of energy emerging from the back of the tweeters.  The stage snapped right into place, an immediately noticeable improvement over the completely open rear of the Heils.
As I continue to tweak placement and set up details and the gear further breaks in, these magnificent speakers just keep improving.  There is an effortlessly natural sound that I can’t recall hearing in any other system.  A mere 18 watt amp plays louder and sounds better with the Quintets than past 300 and 500 watt amps sounded with less efficient speakers.  My little First Watt amp doesn’t even break a sweat driving the Quintets to volumes where a 500 watt McIntosh would shut down powering big, hungry B&Ws.
These are extraordinary speakers!
Rainer K. tried it and wrote:
Hi Jeff and hello to all others,
very nice hack!
I immediately tried it in my system and recognised that the soundstage appeares to be more patients prefer focused, instruments and voices are more accurately placed (my very first impression after only 3 titles). Moreover it works with light blue foam, too … ?
My first trial of a physical explanation:
In putting the foam the way Jeff did, the acoustic short circuit due to the narrow air slots between the baffles is partially avoided. The waves radiated backwards by the ESS AMT1 now have to travel the long way horizontically arount the baffles before they can interact with the waves radiated in forward direction. From a psycho-acoustic point of view this should have a positive effect. Joachim Gerhard from Audio Physic Germany once wrote about first and second order acoustic events …
Have a nice day!
Best regards,
Our Thomas tried it too and wrote:

Very interesting find…. I’ll put a piece behind mine on the trios and test too.

Your explorations are great to read. This is exactly what we ‘need’ to keep the energy always positive.
So happy and rewarding to have family like this!