Trio15 Horn1 German Oak in Switzerland

Hi Ze’ev,
I finally send you the pictures of my speakers. I was away several weeks and before my departure on vacation the house was in a big mess.
The sound quality continues to improve and I would like to do a review in a few weeks, when the sound will be well stabilized.
So far I am absolutely delighted with the fantastic sound quality of my system. I have two amps: Cayin A-88T and Line Magnetic LM-211ia (EL34). The Cayin is more detailed while the Line Magnetic is warmer and haunting.
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I was wondering what impact would an amp with 300b tubes or 845 … your opinion on this subject interests me.
Best regards.

Rio’s Trio15 Voxativ, self modified

Man it’s been a while! Just very busy with life and work in general. Big landscaping job and renting another home. Too much going on. Just tp give you an update on the

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speakers but they sound like music now, not speakers! My friends at Stereo Unlimited did some major mods to them with their Supernal cables and metal.
Plus they did an upgrade to their Linaeum based super tweeter. Pretty much all set up now, a CD player and DAC at some point in the future but for now it’s an all LP
based system that’s amazing
Here are some quick pix [I’ll send you some serious studio shots soon] they added a silver and oil cap to the tweeter that goes on to the speaker mains as jumpers.
Will probably solder that permanently too…
I’m using a small Jolida 707a with brand new tubes from RCH labs [6l6] 40 watts great little amp!
The amps in the pic are the JD3000a 200watt monos also with new 616’s The sound with those amps is truly like real music in the room!
But they are just too big for my smaller room.
The speakers have far exceeded my expectations, really amazing but the modifications put them in a totally different league!
I wish their was a way you could hear them, I think you would be very impressed!
Thanks for a great speakers it was a fun [long] project, love the stained oak finish. I’m convinced the Voxativ driver and their tweeter is a perfect match!
Hope all is well with you and the company.