Trio15 Voxativ brings to end a long search for THE SPEAKERS

Here is a ‘real life customer’ that had 6 well known speakers at his place and all were returned…
The Trio15TB and thereafter the Trio15 Voxativ stayed !

Here is the full story:

Few months ago a very nice gentleman (from Colorado USA), Scott, approached us with the following request:

“I sit 11 feet from speakers, speakers are 6 feet apart, I can place speakers 16 to 18 inches from wall.
I have vaulted ceiling rising from left speaker up past right speaker. Wall 1 foot behind listening position. room is open on right side (three walls in listening area) opening to kitchen dining area.
Area is a bit on the bright side musically.
Sound stage right now is not great with current set-up, XXXX speakers, 6 watt SET tube amp.
Have been through six pairs of speakers so far.
Want clear impactful “detailed” realistic rich full open true sound.
Your recommendation.”
And here is Scott’s music and sonic DNA:
“Nora Jones, Adele, Whitney Huston, Rush, REM, Bob Dylan,Van Halen, Eric Clapton, Andreas Vollenweider, Manhiem Steamroller, Pink Floyd,Cold Play Joni Mitchell, and so much more.
Classic Rock, classical, jazz, new age, I am all over the place but I enjoy music that moves me and is well done.
I don’t want to have to play at exaggerated volume levels to here the details and for it to sound like it a is real instrument and a person, and in my room not in my speakers. and I need speakers to convey this.”

After an exchange of few emails sent Scott the Trio15TB NEO and within few days the following mail arrived:
“Parts all arrived today. Initial reaction. WOW! Uh, I wont be returning these. Exactly the sound I was looking for.
Can’t wait to see what they will do once broken in.
Listening to a tough album for speakers, lots going on, Bruno mars, and it sounds really good.
Haven’t even messed with speaker placement yet.
Really fills the room with sound.
“Huge” sweet spot!
Not even sure where it is.
Bass is so tight already.
All this with a 6 watt SET amp, so cool.
Very happy so far.
Will keep you updated, I have to listen to some more music right now.”
and one more feedback came in few days after:
“Just returned home from work and listening to some Eric Clapton.
Sounds really great, these speakers seem to make room for all of the music and are very easy to listen to, easy on the ears and a pleasure to the senses.”

The Trio15 is a modular open baffle concept that allows an easy upgrade path, so Scott took the decision to go for the upgrade to Trio15 Voxativ ! We shipped him the Voxativ driver, the Leonidas Crossover and the right baffle and here is what came in after few days:
” These speakers (Trio15 Voxativ) are just absolutely Spectacular!!! 
The sound stage is “immense”, with so much depth and the detail is incredible. 
Every instrument and voice occupies it’s own space and blends together so beautifully, just so right. I swear I hear things beside me, behind me, these speakers just fill the room with beautiful music, I keep being startled and I look around to see where the sounds are coming from, crazy… 
I will send some photos when I can. I will give a better review when time permits also.”

…and few weeks after we received the following

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They sound more open and clear, very very clear. The detail I get with the tubes and these speakers is off the charts ridiculous! Very tight and smooth, and so real. They have great separation and seem to handle multiple types of music with ease. Very easy to listen to. I have about ten hours on them now. 

With the Voxativ drivers these are as good as I have ever heard a speaker sound, and I have them in my room which is the worst space I have ever had to deal with sound wise, so that is saying a lot.

The baffles look nice, I was used to the others but these are definitely growing on me, and the wife likes them much more, so that is a plus.

Would like to know more about these crossovers, and what I can change or adjust and what it does.

I will probably upgrade some of the crossover components in the future.

Crossover Upgrade

…and as predicted above, Scott did upgrade the crossover and here is his feedback:



I just replaced the main capacitors with three Jantzen Silver Z-Cap capacitors 2% 800v 22uf. 

I used three 22uf to replace each 68uf Mundorf cap.



All I can say is it took the speakers to a “much much” higher level, I mean beyond amazing.

I can’t stress enough how much better they sound now.

Such a full rich deep smooth detailed sound, absolutely beautiful, goose bumps good, best I have ever heard by far.

Highly recommend changing that capacitor out.

We need a forum on your webpage Ze’ev.

Thanks guys.


Scott F. Lamitie”

From a Kit to Trio15 Voxativ

Hey Ze’ev,

As you know, I originally bought the kit version of the Trio 15. I had a pair of ——- that I really liked in another open baffle set so I saw no reason to buy new drivers. Another thing is that I own a First Watt B5 active analog crossover from Nelson Pass. It’s a very flexible unit for what we are doing here. I take measurements of my rig at my listening position. I just try to get an idea of what’s going on in the room where I sit. I was able to cross the Neo and the Lowther quite nicely. I crossed them lower than you typically recommend. The ——- starts to cut at 140hz and the woofers at 80hz. Phase looks good etc. Sounded pretty good and at times really exceptional. I kept reading about the Voxativ AC 1.6 and became really desirous! I ordered the pair from you.

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I installed the Voxativ and it turns out that I prefer the same crossover settings though I have widely experimented. I had been somewhat concerned about frequency response from the Lowther starting around 15khz up. Response above say 16khz was not so good. Not sure what frequencies I can hear anymore but the plots concerned me. I repeated the same measurements with the same crossover settings only the Voxativ had replaced the ——–. What a revelation. The Voxativ is just plain better and I would think most people could make that assertion after a short demo. At any rate, the measurements confirmed what I was hearing. No significant drop off with the Voxativ until close to 20kHz! The Voxativ AC 1.6 is an amazing speaker.
The Neo 15 woofers didn’t sound very good initially. As others have pointed out, there is a big break in period with these. After a few weeks they got pretty good but lately, I’m getting very deep, fast bass. Its almost like somebody hit the more faster better button. Previously, I owned two ——— subwoofers. BIG powerful sealed boxes. I’ve owned them since pre-open baffle. They worked ok with open ——– but not great all the time. That’s over $8000 worth of subs that cannot approach what four Neo 15 do in my room. Not close.
I run my Trio 15 in a bi-amp configuration. Initially I had been listening to a small 15 watt hybrid amplifier (pretty nice amp but no rare air) for the main and two hypex 400 watt modules in nice linear power supplies for the woofers. The First Watt B5 crossover allows me to “feather” in the bass/ treble response using two dials on the front of the case. This fine adjustment is helpful given that bass content fluctuates by recording. Recently I bought a new SE 845 amplifier. Holy schnikies! My system just bloomed. For 30 years I have built and sold audio systems for myself. Lots of speaker types. Efficient, not efficient. Ported boxes, sealed boxes. My own open baffles, rear loaded horns, planar types, small, big, ridiculous, monitors both current and vintage, single drivers and high end crossover designs. I haven’t heard it all but I’m not new to to this endeavor.
I would describe the sound of my system to someone as being fast, dynamic but nuanced, clear as a bell and extended up top with a great foundation. I mostly listen to live Grateful Dead, Charles Mingus era jazz (that’s a couple of eras with a lot of brilliant artists) and classical.  This system is so dynamic and the music swells and subsides like I’m at the show or in the club. It breathes. Not quite like the Dead do in the arena but the closest I’ve heard in a home. One of my audio buds came over for a listen after I got the rig the way I wanted it. This friend runs a big McIntosh setup with some up line Focals. His system sounds very good. Actually, great. He was biased against open baffle for all of the reasons we hear about, no bass, etc. The first thing he says after a track is “you don’t need a subwoofer with these”. No you don’t. I played whatever he wanted via Tidal and a nice Mac based digital system. He says “I didn’t expect this”. Later I got this text:
“Dave–in all honesty–your system was one of the best sounding rigs I have heard in a long time…I doesn’t sound weak, which many boutique systems do. Also has a killer low end. Good job on it!!”
I’m not the King of Ears and neither is my buddy. However, both of us have attended audio shows, attended club gatherings at other audiophile’s homes, scoured the web about audio, we travel for live music and we both have owned more than a few systems. My Jams have never been better. Never. Who knows what I’ll do in the future but for now I’m a very satisfied owner.
It would like at some point to try your crossover and run the system on a single amplifier. I’m interested in hearing just the 845 as a full range amplifier. Also, my crossover is analog and does not allow me to attenuate the highs near 8khz as you suggested your crossover does. I’m not sure I’d welcome a change because I’m really happy but you have been vocal about how you feel about the full on Pure Audio Project experience.
Thanks for a great product.
The super tweeters in the photo do not come in until north of 19khz