feat. TB W81808 full range driver

“Well, I’m now the proud owner of these wonderful speakers! My god, how good does it get?! The ease of how these speakers work, the sound-stage, the naturalness has elevated my system to a level I never thought possible. Drums sound like drums, pianos sound like pianos, etc., etc., etc. I have to listen to my whole library again!”

Eldon D., Customer, Canada

While they are not even completely broken in yet I can recommend the Trio15B as the answer to where did the dynamics go, where are the goosebumps and it has become my go to speaker for musical enjoyment. Heartily recommended to those who know the sound of real instruments in acoustic space.

Harry Weisfeld, Founder of VPI Industries, NJ, USA

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With stunningly musical, transparent, full-body, no-fatigue sound, not only that the Trio15TB open baffle speakers are highly praised by customers and reviewers, it has become a reference speaker for leading tubes / amps manufacturers and industry members,and an inspiration to many DIYers… VPI Industries, Verastarr, Line Magnetic, Opera Consonance, PSVANE, YAQIN, all have Trio15TB at their premises and use them at shows.

The Trio15TB Neo features the OB-A15Neo woofers, that add a critical contribution to the sonic performances and smooth integration with the audiophile grade TB W8-1808 full range driver.. The OB-A15Neo woofers provide solid foundations not only to the deepest bass but also to the critical mid range, making voices, piano, drums, orchestra sound focused, natural and full body ! The credit goes to Eminence, a world leader provider of professional drivers that play in many of the musician’s amps on our recordings (that BTW are probably also vented , i.e. also open baffles). Eminence team brought every component in OB-A15Neo drivers to true high end. Years long field proven cone, open cast basket, HQ Neodymium magnet system, 2.5″ voice coil, Faraday sleeve (shorting ring), OB optimization etc… all resulting a perfect sonic blend with the TB driver and allow a short audio path crossover schematics !

“To say that an open-baffle speaker sounds open is a cliché but true. Sometimes open is a euphemism for extended highs but a thin and anaemic midrange lacking tonal saturation. That’s not the case here. To explain the soundstage thrown by these speakers, let me start by describing what they do not sound like. Imagine that PRaTy sound you’d get with a Naim amp driving ProAc speakers. It’s the knockout blow of a mailed fist—crunchy, punchy and in your face. A flat-earther’s paradise. Now say goodbye to all that and imagine a room in which musical images emerge like a soft bulbous orb of sound that expands and contracts effortlessly, side to side, back to front, and up up and away like a musical balloon. These modestly priced Eminence drivers performed some kind of magic in tandem with the TangBand driver, which I have found to be bright in some applications. That’s not the case here. The PureAudioProject speakers created a smooth soothing musical wall of sound… The soundstage was large but realistic and the highs were a touch rolled off. Bill Frisell and Stevie Ray Vaughn’s guitars were super sweet the way I like it. Dynamics were startling fast.

PureAudioProject’s $3’500 speakers (Trio15 TB) sounded more musical than almost every five-figured speaker at the show”… “I found your room to be one of the very best in the Show. Accordingly, I am happy to ‘award’ (how pretentious) your room with a ‘Best in Show’ designation”

Tim Smith, 6moons Taves CES 2014 Show Report

“The sound from these speakers was incredibly airy and effortless while the bass was surprisingly deep and robust. For this level of sound quality I would normally expect to pay five figures, which is why my jaw dropped to the floor when Ze’ev told me that the price is $3500. This speaker easily gets my vote for best speaker value of the Show”

Malcolm J. Gomes, Positive Feedback

“Forget Class A, this rates OMG$$$”, Rick Becker, EnjoyTheMusic

” …What really grab your attention with the Trio are the transparency and the dynamics. Another writer, seeking to glorify this speaker might call the dynamics “explosive,” but that would be a disservice to the speaker and the reader. The notes come out of the speaker like they come out of the instrument. Not faster and certainly not slower as they seem to do with many, if not most speakers. The attack is instantaneous and this important because it not only establishes the focus of the notes, but identifies the instrument as well…”

“…With considerable fussing I was able to achieve extraordinarily good focus resulting in excellent soundstaging both in size and placement of instruments. Aiming the speakers just to the side of each ear improved the focus and evened out the tonal balance. It also reduced the bloom around the instruments and revealed a shorter decay of notes. The Trio enabled excellent cognitive recognition of lyrics on difficult recordings such as The Jimi Hendrix Experience Live At Winterland and Bob Dylan Live 1966 The bootleg Series Vol. 4. Likewise with Neil Young and Crazy Horse on Live Rust. Smooth female vocals give me trouble with soft consonants, but Nora Jones’ “come away with me” had more clarity than I’ve ever heard it in my room. And at the other extreme, on “American Folk Blues Festival ‘70” Shakey Horton’s shrill harmonica was deftly handled and came across as “live and in person.”

” … As Zen masters and a few Westerners since then have said, it’s the silence between the notes that makes the music, and this is what I’ve altered. On music I’ve heard a hundred times I felt a fresh wave of goosebumps and a re-play of Vincent Belanger’s “La” brought tears to my eyes…”

Rick Becker, Enjoy The Music April 2015

 VISITORS VOTES AWARD WINNER, Shanghai Audio Show 2016

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  • Shipped in the US: US$ 3,990, incl. shipping, excl. VAT
  • Shipped in the EU: EUR 4,290.-, incl. 19% VAT and shipping, shipping from Frankfurt Germany

Technical Data

  • Sensitivity: 94 to 96db (in a typical room)
  • Nominal Impedance: 8ohm
  • Frequency Range: between 29 to 32hz – 19Khz (in a typical room)
  • Woofers: PAP exclusive OB-A15Neo
  • Full Range Driver: Tang Band W8-1808
  • Crossovers: (manufactured by Mundorf in Germany)
    • Option1 : Leonidas Crossover, Trio15TB configuration
    • Option 2: Audiophile-grade two way XO with Bi-amping option and adjustable highs
  • Finishing, Gloss White, Black, German Oak
    • Custom finishing
  • Size: W:54cm H:116cm D:27cm | W:21.25″ H:46.67″ D:10.63″