Trio15 Horn1

Here is what Douglas Schroeder from Dagogo writes in his review of the Trio15 Horn1:

It figures, the one genre of speaker I thought I could safely ignore through the years is the one I should have been paying closer attention. I had concluded through listening events at shows, dealers and audiophile friends that lower power and high efficiency speakers were not the way to go to attain to SOTA. What was I thinking? That higher power equals superiority? Likely. That nothing tops an electrostatic when it comes to cleanness and detail? Most assuredly. That low power/HE is ancient technology and inevitably the newer designs have surpassed it? No doubt. That horns are problematic, too finicky? Of course.

All wrong. These perceptions were all wrong, obliterated by the experience of hearing the PureAudioProject Trio15 PAP Horn-1.

I have been pinching and kicking myself for the past several weeks as I have been romancing the Horn-1; pinching myself to see if this is not an illusion, that the experience is as magical as I’m hearing, and kicking myself because I have been a reviewer for more than 12 years and only now I’m relishing lower power/HE in a big way. The truth is that I likely would not have trod the low power/HE path had I not been engaged in the series of reviews of the Trio15 variants for PureAudioProject. I have several iterations with the Horn-1 to explore, but already the few configurations I have assembled would quality as most ardent audiophiles’ end game masterpiece. The previous versions of the speaker have led me to this, the Horn-1, a transducer that, if I were pushed to choose, I would select over most panel speakers you care to name.”

With Trio15 Horn1 the border line between live performance and reproduced music simply disappears. Instruments become live… live in front of you… full body and with top-end clarity and resolution !

Open baffle design, the custom-made OB-A15Neo woofers, the sonic clarity and presence of our classic wood-horn, all contribute and make the Trio15 PAP-Horn1 to what it is; though if eyes are closed, trying to describe the speakers will probably end up with describing the instruments, one by one and as a whole, pointing to their position on stage and in space, and being moved by the beauty of the music and the emotional involvement these speakers evoke…

Just like all our Trio15 models, also the ‘Horn1’ is a modular configuration that differs from other Trio15 models by the horn mounted on the middle baffle, and the components on the Leonidas Crossover.

A word about the Leonidas Crossover. This short-audio-path serial topology crossover is not only an example for top-end audiophile-grade unit, but is much more than that. It was designed to allow customers to swap the critical audio components and choose their preferable ones; all without the need for any technical, DIY, or soldering skills ! aLl components are screwed to gold-plated terminals, and therefor are interchangeable. At any time, the capacitor, the resistors and even the coil can be swapped, allowing you to evaluate the differences with your own ears and to choose the ones that match at best your sonic DNA!
Yes, so simple is this !

“I’m past the 200 hr. mark on break-in now and delighted at the transformation of the speakers!  They’ve become remarkably musical & very satisfying.  I can’t say that I’ve heard another speaker that provides the thrill of listening that the PAP horn gives.  I look forward to many years of enjoyment from them… Finally, let me express my gratitude for sticking w/me thru months of indecision.  In the end, I’m confident that the PAP Horn1 was the perfect choice for me and will provide years of satisfied listening!!
I hope all of you at PAP receive an equal measure of joy to that provided to your customers!! Thanks again & all the best…”, Ray S., Customer, US

“PureAudioProject’s Trio15 Horn1 reproduces subtle cues that are normally buried in the mix. Now they suddenly come to life! John Elliot Gardiner’s renditions of Beethoven’s piano concertos has a strikingly different tonality of fortepiano, instead of just sounding clunky, it now has a gravitas like that of a real instrument!…”

” I complement PureAudioProject on creating truly unique loudspeakers. They have the open presentation of planars, but retain the impressive dynamics of traditional horns. The horns and bass drivers are mated perfectly for an engaging lifelike presentation. They have the added capability of switching out components in the crossover to tailor the sound to your liking…”

Enjoy the Music Review, by Paul L. Schumann

‘Trio15 PAP-Horn1’ is a very unique model ! It brings both, the sonic bliss of pure Open Baffle and the live feel of a well designed wood-horn, to a musical peak that we are most proud of… There is no greater pleasure for us than seeing so many music fans, in different places around the world being deeply touched by the music they love playing from our speakers… and we strongly believe that PAP-Horn1 is definitely one of a kind to long live with…

Ze’ev Schlik, PureAudioProject Founder


  • Shipped from the US: US$ 7,490.-, excl. VAT and shipping
  • Shipped in the EU: EUR 8,900.-, incl. 19% VAT and excl. shipping, shipping from Frankfurt Germany

Technical Data

  • Sensitivity: 94 to 96db (in a typical room)
  • Nominal Impedance: 8ohm
  • Frequency Range: between 29 to 32hz – 19Khz (in a typical room)
  • Woofers: PAP exclusive OB-A15Neo
  • Horn1:
    • extended Polymer 1.4″ compression tweeter
    • 47cm x 23cm custom-made wood horn
  • Crossovers: (manufactured by Mundorf in Germany)
    • Option1 : Leonidas Crossover, Trio15 Horn1 configuration
    • Option 2: Audiophile-grade two way XO
      • No notch filters
      • Bi-amping option available
      • Main Capacitor (in serial to the horn) is interchangeable
      • Horn SPL is adjustable by gold plated jumper selecting four high resolution audiophile-grade resistors
  • Horn finishing, Gloss White Baffle and Wood horn
  • Woofers Baffles Finishing Options, see Trio15 Product Line
  • Size: W:54cm H:116cm D:27cm | W:21.25″ H:46.67″ D:10.63″
  • Weight: 37kg/speaker | 81.6lbs/speaker