Stellar12 is being revised to our modular Open Baffle Architecture.

It will therefor be re-released with frame and baffles that are similar type as the ones we use in our Quintet15 and Trio15 models.

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“Stellar12 really is a flagship speaker, and it’s competing at very high-end levels. At $25,000 USD a pair delivered, assembled and setup by PureAudioProject (anywhere in the world), it comes at a price only a fraction of many of its competitors…”
“There’s an energy that I’ve just not heard before. At least not without being at a live performance…”
“PureAudioProject’s Stellar12 is engaging and has a serious fun factor. You’ll hear music with all it’s honesty, emotion and engagement. Just be sure your amp has the grip and grunt to do Stellar12 justice.”
With no compromises whatsoever taken during the design process, the Stellar12 represents by all means the peak in Dipole and Open Baffle Speakers offering. It pushes the construction, the sonic and the life-style envelopes to their edge, and it sounds just like it looks !
Superb resolution, clarity, warmth, size, sonic weight… all these and more are there to a level that makes the border line between live and reproduced music totally disappear !
Stellar12 was designed within a close collaboration with Morel, that didn’t save any effort to carefully select and modify their best drivers specifically to Open Baffle and to Stellar12.
Being it just the perfect speaker for Classical music, it also sings and swings with Jazz, blows the walls away when playing rock and takes you high or chills you down with electronic music…
“I read the review at StereoNET and can only confirm that the sound quality of the Stellar 12 is absolutely wonderful, and it is better than anything I heard till now from box speakers.”, RK, Customer

Stellar12 reviewed at RMAF2016

“I walked in to hear Elvis crooning “Fever”, and he sounded like he was back in the building. The first thing I noticed were the towering open baffle speakers, PureAudioProject Stellar 12s, ($25,000 per pair), and how natural OB speakers make bass sound…All custom Morel drivers, simple crossover accomplished with the help of Mundorf, and a curving backbone frame all contribute to the excellent sound.”, Kemper Holt, Show Review RMAF 2016, EnjoyTheMusic

“Pure Audio Project had a huge, actually really good functioning three-way concept at the start in Denver…”, Fidelity Online, Show Review

“…The sound of Stevie Ray Vaughan’s “Tin Pan Alley” brought back memories—this track used to be played in every room at every show 30 years ago—and the speakers did full justice to it. The version of the speaker at RMAF used four woofers per channel, which easily handled the dynamic needs of the big bass drum on Stravinsky’s Rite of Spring…”, Stereophile, Show Review

“If you’re looking for a speaker that makes a visual impact as well as a sonic one, the PureAudioProject Stellar12 should fill the bill…”SoundStageGlobal, Show Review

All drivers are customer made for PureAudioProject by Morel.
The woofers are designed and manufactured specifically for that model while implementing the top available drivers materials and technology, e.g. huge custom made Neo magnet system for extended linearity, underhung 5.5” Voice Coil, ultra light copper, light weight Titanium cone, optimisation of magnetic and physical parameters to open baffle.
Mid drivers are almost a single-cone full-range performers that play up to 7.5kHZ. This allows avoiding the use of crossover in the critically hearable frequency range.
The Tweeter is Morel later Neo Supreme design and is optimised specifically for dipole use.
The crossover is a SHORT PATH to a level that is rarely found in speakers. One coil only for woofers, one capacitor and resistor only for the Mid, and CAP/COIL LPAD for he tweeter. All woofers play from ~30hz and are cut by first order LPF (one coil). The Mid plays from the bottom to it’s natural cut-off (the CAP is for protection and load reduction only) and the tweeter is added with a second order HPF only at ~7.5Khz.
The Crossover is made by Mundorf with best components available for this configuration, including Silver/Oil capacitor, high resolution resistors and BS140 coil for the woofers.

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Technical Data

  • Sensitivity: 89db (in a typical room)
  • Nominal Impedance: 8ohm
  • Frequency Range: 29hz – 20Khz (in a typical room)
  • Woofers:
    • 12″Titanium
    • freq. range (with crossover): 29hz – 250hz (first order LPF), in typical room
    • custom made Neodymium magnet
    • 5.5″ voice Coil
    • underhung
    • super light coil
    • made by Morel
  • Mid Woofer:
    • 5″, Titanium
    • freq. range (with crossover): 250hz – 7.5Khz
    • made by Morel
  • Tweeter
    • Supreme Neo custom made soft dome tweeter
    • made by Morel
  • Interconnect Cables: Halogen Free Van Den Hull
  • Crossovers:
    • Bi-amping option (with gold plated heavy duty jumpers)
    • voicing option for mid and high audio path (with gold plated heavy duty jumpers)
    • made by Mundorf Germany
  • Weight: 86kg/pc
  • Size: Height: 168cm, Width (Baffle): 42cm, Depth (Base): 27cm