RMAF 2016, Oct. 7-9 2016, Denver, USA

I would like to summarise RMAF 2016 by sharing how grateful we are to have shared the room with EJ Sarmento​ and Tony Holt​ from Wyred 4 Sound​. If companies are a reflection of the people behind them so EJ and Tony are just the perfect example. Their equipment, the SX1000 amps, the mINT integrated amp, the Reclocker ! the music Servers, all are up to date, great sounding, smooth to operate and never fail you ! We had great time together and we thank all our visitors and reviewers for the attention and feedbacks !

X-Fi Audio Show Room 17

Sep. 24-25 2016, Veldhoven (Eindhoven area), Netherlands

Started with a review by CODE magazine from Amsterdam, X-Fi turned into a unique experience of amazing vibe, lots of true audio enthusiasts and most friendly people… thank you all !

Also having Leon Huijgen, Mr Leonidas, in our room was real fun and pleasure !

We played the Trio15 Voxativ with PSVANE T845 amp and the Trio10 MundorfAMT with Bryston 4BCubed power amp. Source was either Jadis CD player or MacBook Air with Fidelio player and AVID MBOX sound card / DAC.

We thank all who visited us for their attention and feedbacks and Coen, Leon, Amir for your help !

GREAT SHOW and see you next year !

mails from visitors:

“Hello Ze’ev
I have visited your listening room today at X-Fi…
Personally I own Tannoy DC10A, so I’m not in the market for a new speaker,
BUT if I were… your Trio 15 Voxativ would fill the bill. To me THE best sound on the show.
You manage to let a 6.500 € speaker sound like a 30.000 € speaker, where most manage to let a 
30.000 € speaker sound like a 1.000 € sound-bar...
All I can say :  Congratulations !
All the best, 
Marc Van der Veken”
Just a quick shout out to the show cased Trio10 MundorfAMT:
I’ve heard almost all the systems at the X-Fi show. Some where very impressive.
I found the open baffle systems far better than the closed boxes that I’ve heard. (I’m not even a dipole kind of guy!).

But for me, the winner of the show was the Trio10. Hands down, the speaker was so convincing and working with such an ease and control and power and.. (I could go on) I was immediately convinced. Keep up the great work!


Frank Hieminga”

T.H.E. Show, Newport, 2016

We thank all our visitors and friends for sharing time with us at show time and after

Big thanks goes also to SST Audio and Synergistic Research for the gear that made all sound so right, and to the reviewers for bringing us into the spotlight in their shortlists and top on page !

Michael Fremer, Stereophile/AnalogPlnet“The $5500/pr PureAudioProject open-baffled Trio15 Voxitiv speakers sounded as good as they looked. This kind of speaker is not usually my cup of swill but for the short time I got to listen to these, I was impressed by how much performance one can get for (relatively) little money.”

Sasha Matson, Stereophile: “…Outstanding value for money…” and “Wham!”

Ron Resnick, MonoAndStereo“…The frame into which the drivers are inserted was extremely rigid and very well-made and machined…”, “…The speaker sounded very good!”

synergistic-research-logoSST Audio Logo

Munich High-End Show 2016

Joining Thomas Mayer, VinylSavor, that set up his top end tube amps, Bernd Hemmen, PrimeryControl, with his two rocking turntables, and Wolf von Langa, spinning endless soul touching and mind blowing vinyls was a true sonic heaven ! I only can thank them for simply what they are !

Watch Short Video from the Show

We played a Trio15 with A5000 Field Coil Full, by WVL. The Trio15 A5000 makes the sonic bliss of both, the Open Baffle architecture and the Field Coil technology within reach to all !

RMAF 2015

audiocircle logo

Best of RMAF

At it’s debut show our recently released Trio10 Mundorf AMT was nominated by AudioCircle at ‘Best in Show’: “these speakers had it all – superb soundstage, perfect tonality, super open spacious sound that just destroys the walls in the room, all things that great open baffle speakers give you. But, what set this system apart was the laser like focus and lack of “misty” presentation almost every OB speaker has. Plus BASS SLAM. I know you never thought you’d see the words bass slam and Open Baffle ever uttered together. But there it is. I am an OB lover, it’s what I’ve run in my home system for years and years and so I’m a bit jaded about them. But this room raised the bar substantially over every other available OB system I’ve heard. Massive congrats to them for this achievement.”, AudioCircle, Best of RMAF

“Just a beautiful, huge soundstage with real dynamic punch. Even sitting off axis they sound stellar… Man these speakers really lock in and ratchet up a LOT. Love it. I think this might actually be best sound in show for me, personally.” , Tyson Notes, AudioCircle, RMAF Day 2

The equipment was Grant Fidelity DAC connected direct into Wyred4Sound ST-1000 mkII power amplifier.

California Audio Show and Shantou (China) HiFi Show

We thank all visitors at these two shows and are also proud to have been so beautifully reviewed by StereophileHDAV China Magazine and customers as one… Thanks also to Eric H., the first owner of the upcoming Trio10 Mundorf AMT speakers !

“Grant Fidelity, PureAudioProject, and Mundorf won my Best Slap-Silly Dance Music of Any Show Award with Robin Thicke’s “Blurred Lines.” Believe me, it was no contest… This, of course, was with PureAudioProject Trio15 Beyma Open Baffle speakers with Alu Frame… Speaking of which, shortly after I took a photo of the system, the famed Norbert Mundorf of Mundorf capacitors snapped one of me. He almost took a shot of me dancing, but I forced myself to stay seated, lest someone pull the fire alarm.”Jason Victor, Stereophile, read the complete Review

“We were very impressed with the sound in the PureAudioProject room from the 15″ open-baffle loudspeakers with horn tweeters… they seemed to offer incredible value–comparable to loudspeakers in other rooms that were many times the price. Thanks.”, e-mail from visitor

David C. Snyder by email: Certainly one of my favorite rooms at last year’s California Audio Show!”

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