Quintet15 Horn1

Wall of Sound Open Baffle Speakers

Main Features

  • Closest to real life as it can get
  • Modular Open Baffle Architecture feat. a variety of top end matched drivers
  • Works with ‘Leonidas’ passive, short audio path, upgradeable, crossover
  • Also works with PAP-C1, analog passiv crossover designed by Nelson Pass for PureAudioProject configurations

The 7′ X 21″ Quintet15 takes the clarity, realism, and the emotional impact of music to a true ‘wall of sound’ musical experience. With eigh audiophile grade 15″ woofers the direct air moving capacity of the Quintet15 is simply unprecedented. Vocals and instruments, at any scale, sound as close to real-life as it can get. The Quintet15 can easily be positioned among the world’s finest speakers, and at any price.

PureAudioProject’s Modular Open Baffle Concept features a variety of world’s best wide-range drivers in Quintet15 configuration, and it also ensures an easy upgrade path to the Quintet15 for any Trio15 owner. A new frame, 4 more woofers/baffles, the same or upgraded main driver and a few changes to the Leonidas crossover is all that is required for the transition.

More Features

  • Modular Aluminum Frame
  • Baffles: Piano Gloss, Genuine German Oak (handcrafted), custom
  • 15″ Woofers: 8 x audiophile grade open baffle woofers, OB-A15NEO
  • Main Driver: TB, Horn1, various Voxativ 8″
  • Passive Crossover: ‘Leonidas’ XO, configured to the specific main drivers
  • Active Crossover: PAP-C1 (Analog) or miniDSP
  • Nominal impedance: 8 ohm
  • Sensitivity: ~96db
  • Frequency Responce: from ~30hz (hearable and feel-able) to 20khz
  • Size: Hight 7′, Baffle Width 21.26″

Designed for breeze-simple self assembly.
Assembly or upgrades do not require any technical skills except of a use of a screwdriver and an Allen Key.

Prices starting from $6,990
Shipping within 4 weeks

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