PureAudioProject is proud to announce the release of the PAP-C1, an active analog crossover, designed by Nelson Pass and FirstWatt for two way Open Baffle Speakers with woofers and full range drivers.

Based on the design of the legendary B5 crossover, the JFet based crossover circuits allow smooth and continuous -12db low and high pass filtering, between 100hz to 550hz. In addition, the PAP-C1 features an adjustable low-bass boost and high-mid shaving options.

All these, plus the continuous ‘loudness’ on PAP-C1 front, allow audio fans to enjoy their open baffle speakers and their favorite amplifiers at best, in a pure-analog bi-amping mode, and at any volume level !

Additional Specifications

Nominal Input Impedance: 15 Kohms

Output Impedance: 500 Ohms

Measurments made into 10 Kohm loads

High frequency bandwidth: -0.5db @ 100KHz

Power consumption: 4 watts, max power output 20W

Power Supply: Input 110-240v AC, Output 24v DC

Made by FirstWatt in the USA, for PureAudioProject

Ordering Information

Price: US$ 1,500

Shipping in the US: US$ 50

Shipping to Rest of the World: US$ 120

Purchasing/Shipping Options