Audition at Home Program

We are happy to offer you to benefit our  ‘Audition at Home Program’.

Here is how it works. An ‘Audition Set’ can be shipped to you in three flying cases that contain the following: Box1: Alu Frame, Box2: Baffles with woofers (mounted), and Box3: main drivers with crossovers.

You will only need to assemble the frames and mount the baffles and the crossovers on them, simple !

With the end of the audition you will be asked to put all items back in their place in he boxes, and allow us to collect the cases.

A deposit for Speakers Costs + Shipping will need to be paid by PP and once the speakers will be collected, the deposit for the speakers will be refunded

‘Audition at Your Home’ Registration Form

Thank you for clicking the Audition Registration URL on Facebook.

Please click what model would you like to have for audition at your home and we will contact you to proceed.