with PureAudioProject music and audio enthusiasts, DIYers and non-DIYers as one, can enjoy years lasting music experience with non-fatigue, pure, simple, great looking, self-assembly Open Baffle Speakers

Read what  StereoNET says about the Trio15 TB and our concept:

Trio15 TB in Australia MR

The possibilities really are endless with PureAudioProject’s modular open-baffle speaker design. Swap drivers out for the countless available options, experiment with horns, but for those not quite as technically minded, the Trio15 TB with passive crossovers will give you very high-fidelity sound at remarkably affordable pricing given their sound quality and power handling ability. In fact, at this price point, I’m yet to hear another speaker in our listening room as capable in terms of liveliness, dynamics, realism and the ability to play nicely across multiple genres

Marc Rushton, StereoNET Australia, June 2014

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