Quote from Magazine-Audio: “Due to its faithful reproduction of music capabilities, we decided to rename it to: The Pure Emotion Project because it convinced us to have taken a step beyond that of traditional Hi-Fi… You have to hear it to believe it… This (Trio15 TB) is the most exciting project that I have ever seen and heard since 2007. The last was the famous system Aurum Acoustics 300B Derrick Moss… I have never heard such a performance from Open Baffle speaker, ever, not even the Jamo 907 nor the Orion project Linkwitz. This is, at least at this price point, the most musical Open Baffle set that you will find on the market…“, Marc Philip, see Video

PureAudioProject provides audiophile-grade finished Open Baffle Speakers, disassembled and ready for tool-less self-assembly.

6moons logo“One of the most musical rooms at show” Montreal, April 2015

These speakers play very loud with no strain whatsoever. They are always open, easy, relaxed. They never seem to strain. They seem to flow or breathe. A bit like the Muraudio Omnidirectional electrostatic sound at 1/20th the price. The music just seems to emerge effortlessly as you crank the volume and there is a sense of the soundstage expanding and soaking the room with lush sounds… For about $8’000 here was one of the sweetest sounding rooms in Montreal. There were never any rough edges. There was never any glare or any bass boom. If you love Magnepan or other panel speakers but you also love SET amps, this is your ticket. You’ll get panel-like imaging and rapid-fire transients but you need not break the bank with big monos.

Tim Smith, 6moons review

enjoythemusic logoOne of Best Rooms at show, Taves CES Toronto, 2015

I grabbed the front-center seat and soaked in the liquid, transparent and dynamic sound… It didn’t take long listening to James Taylor sing to hear why both the amplifiers and speakers had “Sold—to a very nice person” notes taped to them”

Rick Becker, EnjoyTheMusic Taves Show Review, Toronto 2014

enjoythemusic logo        Rick Becker reviewed the Trio15 TB and rated it:

                 Forget Class A, this rates OMG$$$

“What really grab your attention with the Trio are the transparency and the dynamics. Another writer, seeking to glorify this speaker might call the dynamics “explosive,” but that would be a disservice to the speaker and the reader. The notes come out of the speaker like they come out of the instrument. Not faster and certainly not slower as they seem to do with many, if not most speakers. The attack is instantaneous and this important because it not only establishes the focus of the notes, but identifies the instrument as well…”

” With considerable fussing I was able to achieve extraordinarily good focus resulting in excellent soundstaging both in size and placement of instruments. Aiming the speakers just to the side of each ear improved the focus and evened out the tonal balance. It also reduced the bloom around the instruments and revealed a shorter decay of notes. The Trio enabled excellent cognitive recognition of lyrics on difficult recordings such as The Jimi Hendrix Experience Live At Winterland and Bob Dylan Live 1966 The bootleg Series Vol. 4. Likewise with Neil Young and Crazy Horse on Live Rust. Smooth female vocals give me trouble with soft consonants, but Nora Jones’ “come away with me” had more clarity than I’ve ever heard it in my room. And at the other extreme, on “American Folk Blues Festival ‘70″ Shakey Horton’s shrill harmonica was deftly handled and came across as “live and in person.” ”

” As Zen masters and a few Westerners since then have said, it’s the silence between the notes that makes the music, and this is what I’ve altered. On music I’ve heard a hundred times I felt a fresh wave of goosebumps and a re-play of Vincent Belanger’s “La” brought tears to my eyes…“,

Rick Becker, Enjoy The Music April 2015

enjoythemusic logo“Just as at the TAVES, this room ranked as one of the Best Rooms at the show…”

Rick Becker, Enjoy The Music, Montreal Son & Image, 2015

stereophile logo


RMAF Day 1 Light on Analog

By Michael Fremer • Posted: Oct 11, 2014

The most interesting product I saw was from the Pure Audio Project an IKEA-like loudspeaker brand based in Israel/United States/Germany…”

The sound was big, close to full range and powerful with a surprisingly robust bottom end and airy extended top. It was fun listening and great for rock”, read the complete review

StereoNET_Logo_Reverse_2014Marc Rushton reviewed our Trio15TB

Laying out all components on the floor it becomes immediately obvious that this loudspeaker is very simple to assemble. There is no doubt that anyone could tackle the essentially tool-less assembly...”

The possibilities really are endless with PureAudioProject’s modular open-baffle speaker design. Swap drivers out for the countless available options, experiment with horns, but for those not quite as technically minded, the Trio15 TB with passive crossovers will give you very high-fidelity sound at remarkably affordable pricing given their sound quality and power handling ability. In fact, at this price point, I’m yet to hear another speaker in our listening room as capable in terms of liveliness, dynamics, realism and the ability to play nicely across multiple genres…

Read the complete StereoNet review, 2014

Possitive Feedback LogoShow Review – Best Speaker Value, Taves, Toronto, 2014

The sound from these speakers was incredibly airy and effortless while the bass was surprisingly deep and robust. For this level of sound quality I would normally expect to pay five figures, which is why my jaw dropped to the floor when Ze’ev told me that the price is $3500. This speaker easily gets my vote for best speaker value of the Show“, Malcolm J. Gomes, Positive Feedback

“Well, I’m now the proud owner of these wonderful speakers! My god, how good does it get?!

“We had several audio enthusiasts over a day after bringing these home and everyone was simply amazed! My system already sounded good, but these speakers are something special! I had never heard open baffle speakers before. One of the people who listened to these was the actual manufacturer of my amps (OTL’s) – Peter McAllister of McAllister Audio. He was almost speechless! The ease of how these speakers work, the soundstage, the naturalness has elevated my system to a level I never thought possible. Drums sound like drums, pianos sound like pianos, etc., etc., etc. I have to listen to my whole library again!”
Eldon Doucet, Facebook, Nov,5 2015, Toronto, Canada
“Hi Ze’ev. Your speakers are growing and growing on me every day. Everyone who has heard them can’t believe the sound – better than any box speakers we have ever heard! I hope more people can hear these in the future.”
Eldon, Doucet, Email, Dec. 7, 2015, Toronto, Canada”

6moons logo
Show Review, Best in Show, CES Taves Toronto, 2014

“PureAudioProject’s $3’500 speakers (Trio15 TB) sounded more musical than almost every five-figured speaker at the show”… “I found your room to be one of the very best in the Show. Accordingly, I am happy to ‘award’ (how pretentious) your room with a ‘Best in Show’ designation.”

Tim Smith, 6moons

Customer Feedback (mail)

I never ever played Thunderstruck AC/DC so loud, and then it even can go louder, every thing you hear you can feel as well.

Every instrument or voice that’s added gets it’s one place in the stage, I’ve tried several times to stay in my chair, but I can’t, must play my airguitar like a mad men, it gets me high……..this as near to concert like preformance as I’ve never seen.

Listened to music that’s been able to move me before, now it can make me cry, not because of ‘how perfect or analytic it is but because the music let’s me in and tells me its all right, that this is the way it is supposed to sound.                     It just comes so naturally, easy, no effort at all…

Mark L,  Netherlands, April 9 2015