Quote from Magazine-Audio: “Due to its faithful reproduction of music capabilities, we decided to rename it to: The Pure Emotion Project because it convinced us to have taken a step beyond that of traditional Hi-Fi… You have to hear it to believe it… This (Trio15 TB) is the most exciting project that I have ever seen and heard since 2007. The last was the famous system Aurum Acoustics 300B Derrick Moss… I have never heard such a performance from Open Baffle speaker, ever, not even the Jamo 907 nor the Orion project Linkwitz. This is, at least at this price point, the most musical Open Baffle set that you will find on the market…“, Marc Philip, see Video

PureAudioProject provides audiophile-grade finished Open Baffle Speakers, disassembled and ready for tool-less self-assembly.